Don’t take advertising too seriously

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open the site, see is a sad song, maybe personal website owners really like spring has become the past, in my personal opinion, the Internet has never been the difference between spring and winter. The Internet is a process of converting content into King making money. Some people do not adapt to the change, they shouted "winter is coming". Some people have mastered the rules of the game, they laugh that spring is here.

no advertising alliance in China before, many sites are selected monthly advertising model, because advertising is one of the basic points of the website is very profitable, people into the Internet and personal websites in this industry, a piece of cake, if a few people eat cake, may also play battle, playing awfully, when a group of people snatch perhaps, drop on the cake will be picked on, even the dust is not taken.

advertising alliance does main brings prospects and profits to the website, but lost more is the art of advertising, from XX to Alexa color Trojan plug-in, from cheating pop-up advertising websites, all show the rogue character, accusing the user from abusive to unable to resist, don’t have enough time to do the middle Niunie like, in this environment, who are unable to guarantee the quality of the ad, advertisers than the main site of low IQ.

advertising is not the brand value, and the lack of flow assurance, there is no fundamental significance, from the advertisement to cheat group oppression trash accumulation, perhaps it is difficult for us to see the website owners hang advertising to promote the public interest, China advertising impression, in addition to the rogue is emptied and I think, stockings. However, the user’s requirements may be just advertising art.


so please try to minimize floating, minimize pop ups and minimize unscrupulous advertising. Don’t scold the antivirus software and browser, it is not their fault, Chinese security software more shorter than the rogue, let alone foreign anti-virus software has not seen such a rogue rogue rogue than.

‘s main spring is advertising, market segmentation, quality content is " ", who blocked the road and don’t block their way of making money off site traffic, traffic subdivision is the kingly way. This article by original, welcome to reprint and share

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