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many SEO blogs have stopped updating, mostly because there is no new original content to write or have no motivation to continue writing. There are also a large number of SEO blogs being updated, but most of the updates are reprinted or pseudo original. In this case, many SEO blogs that haven’t been updated for a long time are still hanging there. I really can’t think of the goal of hanging a dead blog. Should we ask if our SEO blog is necessary,


1. blog’s purpose: a lot of SEO bloggers open blogs for novelty and show off, and of course, many bloggers do make pocket money to share SEO experiences and get a little bit of SEO for a part-time job. If we define the purpose of our blog, we won’t be confused about whether our blog should be there or not.

2. blog: blog content from where we are? Your own SEO or SEO experience mode of thinking, if there is no good SEO experience, we can use our own SEO thinking skills and development direction of YY SEO and search engine to adjust the trend, make a SEO dreamer is also very good. If the occasional one or two soul collision makes our SEO thinking and search engine algorithm similar, we also have the opportunity to be a SEO prophet.

3.: executive power can often be in for a long time not updated blog see "blog is the need to adhere to the" and "blog is the need to toss this message, if you do not have the corresponding execution time please give up your SEO blog, even reproduced and pseudo original also is the executive power is the most basic the.

4. the value of the blog: if your blog is to share your experience with SEO and SEO mode of thinking is not to consider the feelings of others, after all, is our own blog, can do my site I call the shots". We share the SEO experience and SEO thinking model is entirely our own, readers can refer to and learn from, as for whether or not to follow our approach to the implementation of the initiative, completely in the hands of readers.

use blog to orders is also a good way to profit, as long as a small blog can pseudo host domain name renewals for several years. Blog orders, in most cases, depend on the ranking of related keywords and SEO show of blogger, after all, strength is the best persuasive power.

reproduced and pseudo original blog value depends bloggers judgment and co-ordination, what is of value to users is difficult to determine, how to sort out what is of value to the users need the ability to plan.

writes that almost all SEO bloggers should be able to determine whether their SEO blog is available

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