5 magic weapon to help grassroots entrepreneurs recruit core employees

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The recruitment of

talents is one of the most difficult things entrepreneurs will encounter, but also will be the key factors of the company to change the change, if you don’t spend 50% of their time in the recruitment, you have to go in the way of failure.

life, see too many entrepreneurs in as far as possible to escape this responsibility, and then because of delays in this matter, in turn, bite the company’s business process. No entrepreneur who did not encounter the problem of recruiting people, whether it is the beginning or development. So how does this break?

a, know how to recruit

there’s a way for humans to go out into space, and you really can’t find the people you need?.

is a market born entrepreneurs looking for technology, a technical background of entrepreneurs looking for market partner – this is very difficult. Who can help you do things you do not understand, you can accurately determine who is right? Can you find the people who need it?

review of reality, the majority of entrepreneurs will find someone to throw things to human resources, forget some people have said that the principle: CEOs spend half the time to find the right people.

two, know how to recruit

1 xinchengzeling, Sangumaolu for talent to learn

Do you think there will always be a pair of

startups from 51job found on? Or do you think BAT will give entrepreneurial small companies leave quality resume? Isn’t a good man will give up the big companies to pursue an unknown

entrepreneurial team?

Liu Huangshu tells us that the best talent, we must strive to seek. Not to pursue the goddess


2 talent points to find the most suitable talent

has a buddy quickly set up a product development team, look down, the team is outstanding. In private, I asked, what is the price? A mysterious smile, the best people are not short of money, they need is achievement!

In other words, this is the sharing mechanism and the future management of


three, Mister looking for talent, HR looking for hand

a company once in the talent website to attract a technical director! Look at the resume, similar jobs in Beijing similar industry. Interview, communication and professional behavior seems to have no problem. For one year, it is mine! Don’t take responsibility, crude and careless.

saw that thing, I have this sentence in Dongsheng: senior executives personally looking for talent, the general position of human resources to recruit.


must pay Suihangjiushi

has a remote small company, find very well-known industry experts (industry rules is the annual salary of 40-50 million), very confidently said: we need a director, the annual salary of 100 thousand plus bonus, you have no interest in


response is: I’m building >

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