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if the webmaster is the most troublesome thing, than the website operation, the website operation is the most headache is profitable, enterprise is also the same. Whether online marketing or Baidu bidding, the purpose is clear, just for profit. No profit, no power, no power, no development, the result must be a dead end. Build a website is premise, operation good website is kingly way, because profit is in operation this link. People in the network as a member of China’s network marketing consultant, today, first of all, the operation of the enterprise website to share, I hope to help you.

1, investigation and analysis,

understanding of the market determines how much profit you, give you an example, if your product is a dust collector, with the help of network marketing way to profit, every month received orders online, you need to analyze your potential customers where, if your client in Baidu, then do Baidu, if your customers in the forum, go to the forum, but according to my investigation, most of the current collector using client 50% is not on the network, because the user is dust in cement industry, most of the cement factory is in the suburb or town, quite far away from the city, as a purchaser cement plant personnel, who will face every kind of sales staff, rarely have time to go to the Internet, I have done a survey, 80% of the cement industry procurement staff on the Internet to find things through Baidu, you might ask, how can you so much effort to investigate, only one reason, I should be responsible for their customers, so I want to know his customers, otherwise, empty words are not any benefit to the customer.


survey goes through two channels: 1>, your client, 2>, your competitors, and what others do. OK, the direction has been basically determined, and the next is how to actually operate, but before the operation need to do planning, this is a necessary step.

2, good planning,

vision determines the realm, thought determines behavior. This is the eternal law. Planning is the same, a good plan is a good policy, in the war at that time, this is called strategic issues. Enterprise website operation plan must be professional planning, the reason is very simple, because the unprofessional people do out is not professional, the result is necessarily unprofessional results. Planning is to determine several things: 1>, 2>, 3> objective; effect of 4>, methods, resources required; 5> and this time, the five is a qualified plan must have, not here extends.

3, the specific implementation of

because each marketing consultant’s style is illogical, I don’t want to say anything more. I’ll give you a brief overview of the process and the highlights. Specific implementation requires network professionals to work with enterprises, network professionals play a major role in supervision and guidance, enterprise >

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