My Taobao clothing station can also withstand the storm

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A5 brothers and sisters, eldest brother sister-in-law, the younger brother today is carrying a black face, and the upper and lower eyelids in a fight, both hands do not obey the order, in writing this article, very tired………

last night and I have all the analysis about the "small talk clothing station was drop right Google analysis of this article, the thought that 2 to 3 between, due to a corn not timely record, causing the server to stop one day, Baidu will not be worried in the clothing (the effect of, it seems that this is doomed. The server stopped for a day, for new sites, has been Google down right, to prevent the right to drop Baidu, but never expected, the storm in. "The Yangtze River today after several battlefield, it is bring forth the new through the old." Baidu’s "phoenix nest", the Internet’s anti vice, the unrest of the new network.

as usual, the first thing to do in the morning is to go to Taobao clothing station, look at the statistics, analyze and analyze the data. Can open a scared me, the site does not open, that the local problems, look for a long time, and all of my corn all open the site, things just happen that hell is pulling the line is the server, is not IDC what kind of new flowers. The remote connection server can still be found. At this time I will try to PING corn, this time out of the question, PING analysis of maize was found out, and some analysis out but it is someone else’s IP, on 10 to all corn in the phenomenon.

thought it was the beginning of the corn stolen before heard this thing, I can be a new network management corn yes IP address resolution for PING, can really not your IP address, immediately call to confirm the new network, said the other server problems, in the maintenance, trying to call me at night thoroughly, fainted, I do not know the clothing station can go far, after a month of hard operation, has a good ranking in Baidu and Google, but these two problems, a new station for only one month, only a month, just a full moon as a child, it can withstand the earthquake on the Internet? The Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, so did not fall after wave again.

for the network storm of speculation, but these things do happen in our webmaster body, and a lot of room letter spread to many innocent owners, owners and the new network problems beyond count. The current situation, can do now is wait, wait until the end of the Internet until Baidu snapshot reform, skip this several days of hard work, the grassroots webmaster, do not give up in line with national policy site, this reform we should start over, hold current situation, I believe that the majority of grassroots webmaster will okay, I hope the station can play through the clothing of the storm, experience aptness see rainbow, eat the bitter to know what is sweet.

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