There are some problems with Chinese webmaster

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1 YY without limit. China webmaster always think tomorrow how many million IP. how. Never really done. Every day is a link exchange 1 each month can also exchange 30 links. In a word of Wang Tong is the lack of execution.

2., I am the first in the world. This point is particularly reflected in the Chinese people. Of course, including China’s webmaster. I’m the most cattle. Other people do not have me. You are more YY than me, you are.

3 the world is a big copy. Others have a good idea. Good idea. What is to copy. But this is the traditional virtue of China. Cause now no master. Was willing to share the money thing. Ashared boring does not make money.

accounted for 4. It is the formation of cheap foreign teams. In general a web site at least 4 people together to do more appropriate. In Chinese. Each person is to cooperate with my domain name. No other.. then I become a what planning operation is good. I said what you how to do specific things. As for you to engage in it. I wish I could get a share of the money.

5 quality is too low. Because now prices are gradually to the space domain. So people enter the Chinese cabbage quality is more and more low into the webmaster circle. Buy a space buy a domain name a forum called webmaster. Think today spend 50 yuan investment in.3 months after 50W. can also lead to low quality of cheat flying. It also led to a lot of people cheated.

above is the problem of Chinese webmaster. Although there are some objective reasons, but this is not good after all.

New Year’s day, I hope everyone will make great efforts. Next year, make more money.

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