Where the plight of customers can not do the acme, nor perfect

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At this year’s

Entrepreneurs Conference, where the old CEO were generous in sharing their own entrepreneurial experience, perhaps these experiences help for future generations is incomparable, but relatively speaking, where the current situation is not satisfactory, after the crisis this year, where customers can go to where the future? Why and where these years had so bad


if you want to analyze where these years unhappy, or from where the past speaking, we started, based on low-cost high-quality electricity supplier and the moment in the fierce competition is not how Chinese market, it was filled with the store’s clothing industry, it is a Arabian Nights myth it can be said that the big city small city, high streets and back lanes, where customers can always find the shadow.

every guest at the beginning of the shape of their culture is doing a good job, but this point for its early success is helpful, but we had a problem, good times don’t last long, low price high quality means unlimited drive down the cost of that in the long term is an abnormal mode of development, as a result the continue where customers can not meet the large orders in public funds, while the quality is not completely fulfilled, resulting in frequent problems.

, of course, to the development of today, we gradually solve this problem, where the accumulation of a large number of enterprise funds in the development period, where the customer does not try to improve the production line, but into the logistics industry, large logistics, which also contributed to the later where the capital flow break, difficult reason where customers do is because every customer set up too many useless logistics units, to make ends meet, produce too many problems.

although the logistics industry is laying in the delivery speed plus points, but not yet mature logistics industry also contributed to where the Empire collapsed, here where the customer does not stop logistics investment funds, but continue to invest, but not mature logistics industry and increasing cost gradually let every guest to a not return road, now where the customer is to break the chain of funds, and this problem is caused in the dilemma.

above two is the main reason in development dilemma, is the cause of bad business, although the in the mind is good, is advanced, have to say this old people’s thinking is good, but may be men as their execution, it is reflected from the enterprise culture, where the customer in the last few years of operation, constantly expand the industrial chain, which brings is not a prominent corporate culture, although the selection of Han Han and Li Yuchun in the endorsement, but also did not get paid, can be said to be small talk, this is for all passengers is a blow.

corporate culture is difficult to form a climate, plus endorsement has not played a role, the guest can be described as difficult to walk, and every guest in the industry chain is too long, then changed the management method, shortened >

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