Virtual host and server sharing market will go from here

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recently, a lot of people ask "virtual host" or "server sharing", in fact, each has its own market advantages, both will coexist for a long time.

We all know that

virtual host technology development just in the first is regarded as a very advanced professional technology, the master of the virtual host technology network company is not much, so in the IDC industry is less and less, so the price of natural product virtual host is very high, but is more than rent a single server a lot cheaper. With the progress and improvement of technology, with the introduction of a variety of virtual host management systems, it has completely opened the mysterious veil of the virtual host technology.

now the market, we also know, what people, what companies can do their own virtual host business, as long as there is a server, a management system, understand a bit of technology on the line. As a result, a large number of IDC companies continue to flood into the market, once caused the confusion of the virtual host market. There is no advantage to have technology, only by the price to fight the market, except the price and brand and service, can say the virtual host do market has now become a better services than the price than the brand market, technology is no longer the most important position.

virtual host or the brand strength of the focus of development, after all, they do a lot of years of traditional virtual machine technology, has a great advantage, they generally use high-end servers to do virtual host server, they have a virtual host very well from pre-sales to development of customer service, they have long-term operation of a large number of individual and enterprise customers, they will not consider such a flat-share rely on low prices to seize the market in a way.

now this market is purely to fight, fight brand, price, then emerging Internet companies rely on what they don’t survive it, is the first large IDC brand is naturally needless to say, the service is also still a lot of bad grades, or impossible to just launched the trust of customers price, there are too many home than, so a new virtual host in the operation came into being.


server is flat-share by flat-share alliance or flat-share find several sponsors need to use the network server to the individual or group together to hire a server, each franchisee has basically consistent server resources, by flat-share alliance or flat-share sponsor representative users hire host, host resources by all users equally.


server flat-share exists in various forms, its practices are also not unified, in general, initiated by individuals flat-share server more flexibility, members can be assigned to the authority and more, but the lack of a top management, prone to disputes, very difficult security certificate server; and by the relevant professional institutions flat-share or server initiated business will have a manager to organize, to complete the lease, and on behalf of maintenance management, can effectively prevent disputes, improve the success rate of flat-share server, and can guarantee.

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