Review of the development of Taobao Technology (1) singles day Carnival

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"time to open grab!" sitting in front of the computer had to wait for a long time the United States at the time have to at 0:00 on November 11, 2011, could not wait to participate in a large online shopping mall Taobao once a year promotional activities – "Taobao double 11 shopping carnival". Little beauty opened a collection of good baby – a brand of snow boots, quickly click on the purchase, payment, and a turn back to find 3000 pairs of boots have been sold out.

Mei jumped up and cried out "oh yeah!"

little beauty do not know, just 11 minutes after zero this minute, the country has 3 million 420 thousand people and she poured into the Taobao mall. Of course, she did not know, at this moment, an office at Taobao in Hangzhou, bright lights, here is the "wartime headquarters", a group of engineers of Taobao’s technology department, are keeping an eye on the flow and transaction data website. The whiteboard is that they just bet, bet on who can most accurately guess the total peak flow and all day long transaction. They have plenty of food and all kinds of refreshing drinks on their hands.

a sudden phone call up, the public relations department is asking data, engineers shouted: "first minutes, into the Taobao mall members have 3 million 420 thousand."". After a while, the engineer took the initiative to pick up the phone: "the turnover is more than 100 million, and now it is eighth minutes."." Next, "twenty-first minutes, just over 200 million."". "Thirty-second minutes, 300 million."". "First hours, 439 million."". The data were then posted on micro-blog by the public relations department.

"finished!" suddenly, people drink a sound, all eyes nervously stared at him, I saw him scratching his head, hey hey smile "I bet less, 2 billion easily passed, I add 500 million", he ran to the edge of the board put their bets to wipe. Write down 25, then someone to write 28, people wrote 30, someone went to the micro-blog open handicap, colleagues have reproduced. For the next 24 hours, engineers in the wartime command were unable to rest. They stared at all the monitoring indicators of the site and adjusted their machines and functions in due course. After withstand the first peak, these people began to sneak in to buy their own things, we communicate with each other with which to buy the mobile hard disk which is reliable, clothes for his girlfriend, from time to time one crying baby was robbed of the credit card, the amount is not enough. At the same time, the stakes on the next whiteboard are getting bigger and bigger.


in November 11th, the most important day of this stick was changed into a festival by netizens". And Taobao has used crazy discounts to give it another meaning – "shopping carnival."". On November 11, 2011, the turnover of Taobao mall and Taobao exceeded 5 billion 200 million, which is 6 times that of "shopping paradise" in Hongkong and 850 million of the total retail sales in one day.


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