The more difficult it is to do a business, the more successful it is

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is happy to share now, but the process is pretty tough. Because I am Ali mother forum moderators, know many webmaster, so in the packet network there are a lot of PR3, founded at the beginning of 4, 5 of the pure friendship station hang link to us, the vast majority are single, such as, network and other vegetables, many of which are IP on tens of thousands of station, so in the website the optimization is almost useless what thoughts, Alexa ranking is rising, Baidu included, tens of thousands of bags wholesale and other words natural order into the home before three, even the first, which for a wholesale website only 100 bags of balance is almost perfect. But because of congenital reasons — domain name is German suffix, do not say ordinary customers, even if the exchange of friends chain, some webmaster are afraid that we are what illegal sites….


has high visibility, change the domain name problem has been in the heart do a fierce struggle, change or not to change, finally after hearing founder Zhang Jiexian and Mr. paidai the friend’s advice, I finally decided to replace the domain name De, Lenovo to the holder into the packet networks, and ultimately to thousands of RMB purchased and identified as permanent domain in the packet network. How to change the domain name to buy, is a big problem, we suggest first analysis, together with two domain names. Then…… want to use 301 permanent directional search engine, but fear of manslaughter, and didn’t dare. But the 2 domain name at the same time after use, before the search engine in front of all at once by the cold, coupled with the recent adjustment of Baidu, we have nearly 10 days without added several new models, including many subjects so went to the second page, it was a difficult time for looking back now I do. I’ll be on a few million new shelves every day, nearly 10 new bags, website made 301 permanent directional; every day in addition to picking orders but also round the clock camera, handling pictures, upload, basically every day we work overtime late on 2 points, 9 in the morning to work, one obvious there was a black eye.

after nearly a week of efforts, in recent days, the rankings back to the previous position, such as Google search bag wholesale word, into the package network natural ranking to the home page first. And the new domain name Baidu snapshot has become the day before, the direct impact is that the quantity of orders soared, harm we eat in the computer beside, heart joy speaks for itself. First look at the past, it is not easy, we can do the personal sorrow and joy only experience, and this experience I think you all want to have their own are not willing to go through a few pens, hope to learn together, and we work together, for their own ideal struggle! Hope to have electronic commerce, wholesale and other industries webmaster can communicate with me QQ51861005 this is original, reproduced please specify the


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