Programming skills of the webmaster how to choose the site program

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recently launched a local website, a local talent network, using the ocean classification, 5.1Access version of the program changed to. I have seen this station people are more surprised: This is the classification of marine to do? In their impression, there are a lot of marine classification program classification, home is very complex, there are a number of DIV blocks can be switched, now I this interface is very simple, rarely have the classification, changing the feeling we all think, modify the workload is certainly not small, ha ha.

I in the process to change the marine program found that marine classification is not difficult to change, so the workload is not in the imagination, the marine classification procedure is suitable for two times the development, because it is not a complex template code system like that man, are relatively simple code, in the ocean code inside a specific function call, even if it is the original page code to delete all, just follow function that can according to their own means, design the expected display out.

if you have a junior ASP base, you can turn the ocean into a special classification system site, such as a purely rental website, a purely talent website, or a purely used website. The sea changed into classified sites simple, is the basic method of modification of the original classification, set several classification specific sites need, such as my talent website (interested people can also go to see Taizhou talent network, is the recruitment, employment, training, talent market four there is no classification, classification of the next level, the other was out of order all get deleted ~ is a sheer talent website.

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big and complete website, actually place the most important site is the talent, real estate, such as second-hand, if special one, than a large and complete website easy, after all, is our personal webmaster, not have the energy to all local information and catch even if it is caught, Baidu will because you are integrated station and can’t get a good position, unless you build early, the weight is very high, what content can be in the first row, it’s different.

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