How to promote e-commerce

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a lot of people do e-commerce, will pay by SEO or CPS promotion, so the formation of a very fierce competition, but this in several ways, really so effective? Or to find a more effective, higher conversion rate of e-commerce promotion the way.

, if you choose some of the larger brands, network media, but also a better marketing methods, such as Sohu, NetEase, Sina, YAHOO, Tencent and other relatively large web site. An entity doing example, only you have a good product is not possible, but also has certain popularity, good location and so on, that is to say at the right time, should have to. In fact, this way is also a kind of promotion method that e-commerce needs to learn from. It needs to be popularized by all the ways that can be used.

for example where the customer, will be Sohu or some video website advertising, the use of well-known media propaganda way, bring the flow is great, we are also well understood, you know, according to the survey, 8 of Internet users is watching a video or famous website, this will ensure the a very good flow, sometimes, we can also some advertisement articles or pictures of products and the promotion of FLASH seen in the Tencent news.

but people in the choice of electronic commerce and advertising, also want to keep their eyes open, to match it, with words like Like attracts like. high-end jewelry, or brand clothing, are placed in the high-end showcase, so as to reveal the temperament and quality of products. And the importance of the first impression is very important, for example, we will put some brand definition into luxury or high-end quality products like you, this is a problem in the electronic business people need to consider when positioning and early promotion.

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