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The delivery of

daily soft always involves many aspects of the delivery platform, often will be released to many different platforms, have different characteristics and need to pay attention to place different platform soft, careful study of them, the difference is relatively large. Not only for writing, there is a big difference, and the same article is promoted as much as possible for different platforms.

portal news

believe that many webmaster friends have a marketing project in the relevant portal to deliver news experience, Hulu blogger recently wrote a lot of media articles, involving cPanel panels, Adsense, Wikipedia and so on. Feel the soft news type actually released in the webmaster of the site, the relative difficulty is much larger, the news material is limited, you can not always be a promotion news source supply, then the starting point is the most important thing is to transform the. Soft news is a very common form, the key is to grasp the writing angle and position, the "new" is a piece of news of the soul, so we must learn how to explain the same message in different positions around the news center to expand the. On the other hand, the clever angle is to report events in a fairly atmospheric and critical tone, which is about how to put your promotional content into the news, and let the news be free of any advertising suspicion. Generally speaking, the news soft text is a comparative test of the writer’s writing level.

forum article


in A5, CHINAZ through the first time will be posted directly to various forums, remove the increase of the chain target does not say, gourd bloggers, forum posts and onlookers onlookers of soft site is a lot of difference, so if conditions permit, it is preferable for the soft to write some essays to attract members of the crowd. And the news and soft site is different, the forum should as far as possible the "network", "interesting", vivid friendly, with some network hot words, not every rhythm and daguanqiang. Of course, for an already delivered article, the title of the first paragraph of the last paragraph, slightly modified, and then posted to the forum will be better, you can increase the members of the specific content of your article browsing.

independent blog article

independent blog can be said to be removed from the circle of bloggers on the label, many circles famous independent bloggers have formed its own independent style, the article itself is the great characteristic, popular to say that "such as people see". But independent blog does not need to go through the site editor to publish, so gourd blogger recommend as much as possible in the independent blog into their information, from the title of the text, as much as possible implantation can represent your own characteristic label, when visitors to your site to browse your article, can really feel your writing style. The specific wording, independent blog about real and homely, your real feelings into the interior. "

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