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goes everywhere with his own links. Always thinking of someone passing through the link, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

this is not the way to develop a website, but it is a waste of most webmaster time.

Many webmaster

love in QQ group gratuitous links, and then put their love links in the forum a catchy headline news every day to find love, put your own website, then every day like a radio link….

this reflects the mentality and maturity of a webmaster. We fully understand the above psychology. PS me ( is also from this period,.

only when you calm down, sincere learning, sincere service, and seriously treat each to your site users, you can do the site.


flow increases several IP can not solve the problem, to find a solution is the right path. However, this must first stabilize their impetuous heart.

take the web as your baby, your child, your career, your dream tree, dress it up, preserve it, and water it. It will thrive.

we believe in Baidu and believe in Google and believe their eye view is consistent with the user’s eye view. suggests you use your brain more, and make you fall in love with your keyboard. It’s more original. I believe your website will be better and better!


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