Junior high school graduation is not inferior, network promotion let me live very happy

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contact network promotion in this industry for some time, with its own small circle, of course, also know some of the industry’s friends. A common problem is recently some new friends around the crossroads of network promotion, do not know how to break through, method and knowledge are many, but still feel very confused, in fact we are the same, missing, just a good teacher.

A 14 year old

graduated from junior high school, just to get the diploma I am longing for the outside world, waiters, security, network management, paper, welding, mold, toll, salesman, radio broadcasting all my part-time job, I did not remember what, but I never feel inferior because the junior middle school education instead, I was lucky, because I earlier than men of the same age into contact with the network to promote the industry, and I have been very happy.

Why does

choose network promotion?

the question is a question asked by a 17 year old online friend in the face of the future, when he doesn’t know how to make a choice. At that time, he let me help him planning career direction, I introduced the network promotion of the industry, and then asked me "why choose network promotion" this problem.

may also have a part of the industry has entered the industry, have not yet understood why the original choice of this industry.

In fact, I had

reason is very simple, one is because of interest, should be said to be of interest in computer, no contact network promotion before the industry has been very love the whole computer, I believe many of my friends too, so I thought to the computer related work.

Another is

, the industry, business cost is low, if you want to complete a website for one year is one hundred dollars, who can afford, and the Internet more opportunities, more opportunities, perhaps what can a name or a small fortune what this is. The industry’s most important no matter what you are in to the whole, so that no superior education friends do not feel inferior, we have a network promotion.

not even their own business, you can also enter the company, regardless of the salary, it is at least a white-collar, not outside in the sun and rain, slaving away. It was also said that this industry pressure, actually it is not a reason, it is a dynamic pressure all right, but no pressure to let people become lazy. And now, which industry, which work without pressure, even if it is outside selling sesame cake uncle, but also worry that no one to buy; begging people, but also worry about no charity.

how to step out of the network to promote the first step,

actually I contact network promotion is also a chance that started in the company is responsible for the local market under the line of business, then the company that just rely on some business lines too passive, so to carry out the network of the road, I was young, the ability to accept a strong network of contacts, time is that > Company

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