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almost all companies have their own web site, and some of the company’s Web site design very beautifully produced. In the search engine marketing, micro-blog marketing boom wave after wave, professional meet the marketing needs of the website, undoubtedly play a role in fueling. There is no lack of successful application of Web sites to successfully carry out network marketing case, but also must see, there are still many companies stay in a web site can. The web page is poorly designed, redundant, messy, and inefficient in execution and security. Apart from the technical aspects of things aside, because it is too professional, for small and medium enterprises how many requests meet the standard web site, complete with the W3C standard also some reluctance. The content of the website is new, it has nothing to do with technology, and it is not a very difficult thing. Even so, many websites after several months or even years are not updated is not in the minority, Shanghai website construction company pilot technology, not the content of the website is not devoid of vitality, design and elegant website also became a vase, a decoration.

1. Why do you want a new

?Why does

update content? This is hardly a problem. The content is the soul, flesh and blood of the web site. Without content or content, it’s not a good site. That’s why we’ve always stressed that content is king. Many think, content update is not simple ah, keyword search, direct copy copy, not finished?. Content updates are simple, but the content is new, but it’s very difficult. The content is new and needs to meet the theme of the website and enrich the valuable content. New content, more needs from the user point of view, from the site concept, to provide valuable original, high-quality content. We might as well look at the point of view of users and search engines, why should the content of new, rather than just update?.

users look forward to something new,

a website every day is old faces, even if have been updated copy to the content, nature will not attract the user’s interest. Since the other website can also provide similar information, why should we pay attention to your website? And rich new content to the contrary, every day more monotonous, the sudden new idea is easy to remember, so that the contents of the last new can constantly attract customers to visit. We use the website construction company’s website, for example, most of the site is to tell customers how much domain name, how much host, and rarely tell customers why to do web site, and how to do web site. From the user point of view, naturally looking forward to more similar product knowledge, more innovative content.

content is new to win, optimize

in website optimization inside, there is the true saying, "content is king" is the four words. Not only does the user expect new content, but the search engine is looking forward to it. A website loses content or has not been updated for a long time. It is difficult to win search engine optimization at any rate. It’s not hard to understand because…

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