Social dividend fade you still do from the media matrix

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when the user’s attention is stuck on WeChat, it is clear that the enterprise needs to do WeChat subscription number. Look at other people’s subscription number one hundred thousand fans read, and the number of points like flying, do not spend a penny to get thousands of new registered users, you can not be jealous? A subscription number is clearly not enough, so more and more enterprises begin to try from the media matrix.

is from the media matrix, is about to spend less money to bring the Big Mac users, because WeChat exists, subscription number spread yiqijuechen. Let’s look at a self media matrix: (from the network)

we can see from the graph, covering most of the mainstream media channels. The idea is to use their own media channels, pink powder to WeChat subscription number, and then marketing. The core of this matrix is WeChat subscription number cluster, divided into ABCD.. And other subscription number, for different target groups, the output of specific content.

matrix category: wide net

user groups are relatively wide range of products in the form of the majority. Divided into, such as chicken soup subscription number, the number of people to subscribe to the number of characters, car subscription number, funny subscription number, and so on, mostly for grassroots marketing team, the content is mostly reproduced or pseudo original, or even direct plagiarism.

matrix class two: specific

user base is relatively narrow, around the target population to establish a number of boutique subscription number, each subscription number output content is different, but the user groups in a certain attribute of the more consistent. Large companies often use this.

There is a

with more than two different, is the establishment of a number of public number, and a column in the Baidu one hundred, almost know, today’s headlines, but the content is not much difference between channels. The author of this approach is often an individual, and is an expert in a field, which we call KOL. In the blog era, they won a large number of fans in the crowd. Its characteristics are to maintain the original quality, the quality of the article, the sharp point of view. Typical of such large financial help.

The main means of powder

matrix is from the media content, its mode of operation are: with the film, for example, take a good name, such as film, film Daquan; content from Douban, poison, blog, website, other subscription number reproduced or pseudo original; the title change, when a qualified the Title of the party, and then suck powder. In the WeChat subscription number has just come up, take a good name, every day can add up to thousands of natural.

had a friend playing lol, lol Raiders registered a subscription number, every day from 17173 reprint articles, subscription number exceeded 200 thousand within a year, a month gets through the WeChat article below the banner advertising into a million.

can be said that the subscription number bonus period, the suction powder is very easy. Now, however, it’s all over, and the user’s behavior has changed radically. The vast majority of users are concerned about the ten and even dozens of public numbers, letters

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