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it’s so easy to have a website today, CN domain name is so cheap, it makes the webmaster of CN domain name website overflow. The new line is inevitable, because the new promotion, no traffic, need to adopt a series of measures to improve the traffic to the site, let site cute! If you just have a website, do not know how to do? Or do you have to worry about traffic sites are still puzzled, then look at the following content, should have the inspiration to you the.

‘s first step: prepare domain names, quick space, web apps, and publish less content sites.

points: do not seek procedures, powerful, but the program is fast, do not use the acquisition function, release a lot of spam, it is necessary to manually publish and website topics closely related to the selected content.

Description: 1, slow, will lose more than 50% of the traffic; 2, do not hang popups, popups, the stronger the code, PV the bottom. I hung 100% pop rate super code, PV reached only 2; 3, do not listen to many webmasters said, "rich content of the site, the engine included more" such words. New station no flow, no rankings, even if there is 10G content, the engine will not include you many pages. The correct approach is: the content should be less and refined, and do the bottom tune optimization. On the optimization, there have been many owners have introduced, and here do not say more, just ask you to remember: the basic point of optimization is not sealed by the engine, the purpose of optimization is to increase the amount of effective engine collection. After careful completion of the above points, your website will have valuable initial flow (I call it the site to start traffic).

second step: insist on updating content

with content, traffic, the engine naturally frequented your web site. Aleax rankings close to 100 thousand when only Baidu included pages should be able to reach 2~3 million. It is recommended to update at least 10 items per day, with at most 1000 articles. You will find that every few days, flow through.

points: the best to send original content; if it is collected, do not publish directly, must make some changes after release. Such as modifying titles, rearranging, synthesizing 2 articles like 1, changing long headings into simple headlines, and so on. Spiders like originality. The purpose of doing so is to make spiders think that your content is original, not 100% clones. This is also an important guarantee not to be closed by the engine.

third step: quickly increase the external connection

The number of external connections in

is an important factor in ranking and evaluating the level of the website. It is also the two key factor in improving the amount of engine included. Do not expect links, text links to bring you great flow. Unless Sina makes a friendship for you on the home page.

tip: subtly point to the connection of your station in the released information. In this way, when someone collects your station, it is possible to collect the connection together and raise the number of external connections in a short time

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