Talking about the importance of domain name to website brand through CO domain name

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The only sign of the

domain name is like a person’s face. CO domain name registration and start the month, 10000 registered exceeded five hundred thousand, good Larry, short numbers, basic was registered. Although the price of some expensive, but they still cut the minon bleeding, painful to buy a good domain name, silently waiting for opportunities to appear. According to statistics, eighty percent of the domain name in minon idle hands.

in the end why such a large domain hidden opportunities, why do people the weight of the domain name, so heavy? Popular belief that a good domain name, it is interesting, short domain name, a good brand is an enterprise, have a good domain name, is half done. OK. Domain names are priceless. Like the world’s most expensive domain names, $fourteen million deals. Do site, that all want a good domain name, but not a good domain name, you can sit back and relax. Want to make a website brand, not only a good domain name can. Brand formation is not just a domain name or a few good reading, good written Chinese characters. I’ll explain, for example, Alipay was founded nearly ten years, can be said to be a brand formed. In the hearts of the people, not remember Alipay domain name, these three words or Alipay, more importantly, it has a service root deep into the hearts of the people, when people want this service, he thought Alipay, when they think of Alipay, they think Alipay is a kind of service, convenient for people in the online payment, and safe use of the means of payment. Taobao, known as the online C2C platform, says Taobao is synonymous with an online store where the brain sells items online or can buy good, cheap platforms. Ali bar before the use of the domain name, also not very good, but he is successful, famous, is why, by domain play a decisive role? No, is an innovation of his, a service, a brand, a help for buyers and sellers of real service.

to find a good domain name, of course, good, if you can not find a good, do not discouraged, ordinary domain name can be successful, a brand. As long as you make a brand, when your brand can not copy other people can not replace you, you do not have to fear others using other domain name speculation. When it comes to this, I have to mention the happy net, settimio happy net by happy really took away a lot of traffic and customers. This is one of the manifestations of the imperfect Internet management system. This is also a competitive performance in business. Let’s not comment on that happy net for the moment. I’m here to explain that if you really set up a brand and nobody else can copy you, you don’t have to be afraid of taking a domain name to hype it up.

recently CO domain name rise, a large number of rice merchants bee stream. Why is COM the domain name has withered gar, you don’t want a long letter domain name website, is to get to the CO domain name, when do get CO station, the worst is that people think you are missing a wrong M, put it into COM to find other sites to provide. Flow rate is COM, but.

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