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now stationmaster industry is becoming more and more popular feeble Wen to promotion, each written text quality is good or bad, publicity channels are different. In this paper, the author used only for the choice of the IT website of the teahouse distribution channels to make a summary of how to improve the quality of soft share, will be mentioned in the next article, the following qualifying sorted in accordance with the website weight and effect.

1. DoNews real name writing community

DoNews believes everyone knows that the effect of his writing community should be heard. At present, Baidu GOOGLE home community as a news source in search engine has very high weight, many colleagues website IT channel will take the initiative to reprint articles within HOME, such as rescue basically automatic acquisition is reproduced, plus an author name in the title of the article before. High weight and obvious effect, naturally, the audit is very strict. But because of Liu Ren, Hong Bo has devoted much of his time to the operation of 5GME home community, basically to the fashion culture for Zhang Dongwei, Viagra has specially issued a document called on the original registration open column, you can find him in 5GME, submit a few own original articles, the opening will be a greater chance.


AI network is also because Baidu news source, making the search weight is very good, in the early establishment of the audit is not very strict, once SEOER’s treasure. At present, the audit is much more strict, but his columnist should still good for direct registration to submit applications, mainly in the quality of work will be recommended to the home page, and the effect is very obvious mosquito connection that allows colleagues in the article.

3. webmaster network

diagram, Wang’s webmaster nets officially encourage webmaster to publish soft text and developed, so the article audit is much more relaxed, is using DEDECMS system construction, registration, contribution is more convenient. The flow and transfer rate are very good, but is currently not allowed in the article and connection, but the author is can connect to the website at the same time, at the end of the paper using the form can also increase the chain.

4., Webmaster Station,

‘s Webmaster Station since Needless to say, Baidu is also a source of information, the flow rate is very high and reproduced. Several changes have been made to the submission function. At present, only anonymous submissions are valid. Previous members of the landing Committee submitted the manuscript as if no one had reviewed it. So there are articles directly sent anonymously. As long as the article is original and true

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