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has been working in the network industry for nearly 5 years, and has always wanted to be a portal. In the comprehensive consideration and comparison, I chose to be a dating website, Yunnan matchmaker network.

on the current prospects for the development of the industry, this is a promising, money oriented industry.

because there is no experience in the operation of the portal, the early days every day stay up late, pay attention to each registered member of the situation, the latter has made some minor improvements. In doing the promotion process, I found that the portal in the early landing search engine is very important. Therefore always, after more than a month to promote the network, the website successfully landed several large search engines. Among them, the discovery of a web site, the site in the search engine keywords ranking is very important.

I early to do more promotion work is in a posting on the site, especially some relatively well-known websites, you can quickly find in the search engine out stick, also put their own website to find. Yes, and new Adsense still have reference point.

            Yunnan matchmaker network www.51seeklove.com.

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