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now, let’s take a look at how PPC content online advertising works – how Google Google and Yahoo YAHOO match your ad group, appear on the right website page, and display your ad.

below is an introduction to the Google Adwords Google help file:

"Google" constantly scans millions of pages in content networks to find matches that match your keywords and other ad series data. If we find the matching content, your advertisement will be eligible to be put on the corresponding page. Google, all encompassing web search and language processing technologies, can interpret almost any content of web pages and ensure that the most relevant ads are displayed."

Yahoo, YAHOO’s help file is similar to this one.

The rules of

looks very simple: Google web page above words, testing your campaign keyword list, if the web page words and your keyword list, advertising series (or the same meaning), to display advertisements.

Google official explains the Google content network is so accurate, unfortunately, there are exaggerated costs. The content matching technology of Google and Yahoo is inefficient – it doesn’t match the ads of content ads properly to the right website pages. Therefore, there is no correlation between the ad’s web page and the product or service of the publisher, which is why many Google content networks are opened and 1000$is lost overnight.

exactly how does the Google content network matching algorithm work,


pages are analyzed first, and the search engine’s algorithm is to classify the current pages into a particular topic or category. Categories have been manually defined by a list.

, for example, Google Adwords, has 594 themes in the list – Google, before the ads appear, first scan the theme of the current site and match the existing Adwords theme. Yahoo Search Marketing is similar.

Google first analyze your content inside the network keywords and ads, then each ad group assigned to the corresponding Google Adwords theme. Then put the ads to the relevant web pages below this theme.

Google Adwords content can add some negative keywords. So, your ads can be excluded from sites that don’t have relevant topics.

your PPC content online ads show that you have to go through the above process on your web page.

based on the above analysis, I offer 5 tips for you:


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