With five Jen moon cake story, wonderful solution, Pan Asia chaos how a man empty handed 43 billion

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Abstract: some investors have gone to Kunming specially, hoping to find their own principal, but they are still "ran" and "eggs"". In the first few months, and angry investors in Shanghai hold a single Jiuliang and seized and turned over to the police station, but the problem is not solved. Pan Asia’s capital chain has broken, and can not afford to pay so much money; and now Pan Asia has been like a "Xiang Xiang" generally by the whole world aside, really someone will take this hot potato,


21 in the afternoon, some investors gathered in the Commission’s Beijing Fukai building, hope that through the collective power to seek an explanation for the money pit being pan.

Xiaobian here, I suggest you readers, go out, do not say that they do not know "Pan Asia" is what, that would seem very fashion. After all, by the Pan Asian pit 43 billion money 220 thousand investors have been running for several months, 43 billion what is the concept? Small can only say money in 2014 listed companies on the list, the name of the CITIC Bank net profit of fourteenth is 41 billion 454 million, the Pan Asia is how to do 43 billion sets of bare hands and listen to small series? A story jiefa solution.

five Jen moon cake story

is looking at the Mid Autumn Festival, the small partners are anxious to buy A moon cakes, in many cakes, there is a historical style moon cake is very different, that is: five Jen moon cake. Even in the corner, there is a surprising fact: the price of the five Jen moon cakes in the market is higher than the price of moon cakes in other stores, and the spread is not a decimal. What should we do at this time? Of course, go out of the A market and buy five Jen moon cakes, then rush back to the A mall at the speed of light and sell the moon cakes on your hands!


under normal circumstances, with the increase in the number of five Jen moon cakes for sale, the price of moon cakes will gradually decline until the market price is consistent, this is the economic theory. But if the shop selling moon cake increased access threshold and control the number of transaction price and transaction? That is to say if it’s hard for you to sell cakes? And the A provisions of the mall, once you sell moon cakes do not want to run away, you have to come up with 20% of the money in the mall to buy the moon cake, so prices can really miracle has been high.

looks at people who have successfully bought and sold high in the front, and most people’s eyes are red. So even though you don’t love five Jen moon don’t even know what five five Ren Ren, or take the money into the A store selling moon cake magnificent tide. Such a high premium to sell music, also let the buyer cry, so they have been squatting in the mall, waiting for the day of the moon cake sales. But is the A mall where you can squat wherever you can,


naturally not, A stores have regulations: if you do not buy moon cakes a day, you have to pay 5/10000 of the delayed purchase (pay) to buy (cut) fees. Of course, these 5/10000 are not to the mall, the mall only took the 0.1>

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