A quasi webmaster for the old webmaster words

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may be the old owners have their own a way of earning money, as a quasi owners won’t do ", not to play games, some words to say.

1. is too focused on site ranking and search engines.

in fact, search engines are effective for certain professional directional search. I work as a factory. I search for materials, vendors, peers… Movies, music, books, some goods. If you are not a website of this type. Search engines might be able to help you temporarily. But the passing traveller is void.

2. is too focused on Web functionality.

many websites, after I register, want to make a speech, press 3, four buttons. How many people have the time. After a lot of websites go in, do not want to go second times. I don’t know what treasures there are. But I didn’t treasure specialist. Some young people like individuality, self design and modularity. But the famous website has several of these garish things.

3. object oriented error.

some websites target visitors who have no money. This will not be the focus of advertisers direct delivery. If I were a camera factory. And your website is for visitors who have only a little money to play games. Will you advertise here,


4. deals with repeat customers, and the site relies on repeat customers.

how much do you rate your repeat customers? What do you think makes them look back?. A passing day for a passer-by. It’s over. Your website will be gone.

5. smart is wrong by cleverness.

because the industry has been around for a long time, more jargon, more views of experts. But it’s getting further and further away from my visitors. Because of your higher road. The more visitors don’t know you. I’m going to be a website. But I insist on refusing to understand the internet. Web page for people to do, web site for maintenance. As an outsider, there will be more understanding of how to make outsiders like their websites. I’m worried that one day I will become a master of the website, and I don’t know how to do it on that day.

6. loves to move closer to commercialization.

, make a space and spend 5 years. Make a web site that has a certain capacity for orientation. Don’t worry about making a profit. If you’re a web savvy. Your own construction costs a little space. 5 years is enough for you to make many things. But 5 years have passed. What did you get,


7. cooperation.

no professional web site master, the site naturally can not do it, just like my domain name, space password are given to others. I consider how to promote my website with the least cost. No, Google, no Baidu. I’m not even worried about site traffic. For 5 years, how many IP can you bring with a single email?. But in fact, it seems that many people are limited to a certain circle.


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