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I don’t know if I’m a standard cycling enthusiast. The first long-distance riding five years ago, and my best friend now partner Gao Jiayang ride together around Hainan Island, was just starting to shoot in the downpour. Together we hide under a banana leaf, very embarrassed, never think of, five years later today, we together to build a "beast ride", a focus on cycling movement of the soft Hard Suits Inc.

in my opinion, cycling is by no means simply "faster, higher, stronger."". Since.

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a simple review of the basic content of this conference LETV LETV announced: the first, and the National Bicycle Brand "Dove" strategic cooperation, together to create smart bike. Second, the bicycle is defined as a city recreational vehicle, but its main functions are safety lights, navigation, frequency &, heart rate sensors and independent APP.

for intelligence and intelligence, funny, pathetic.

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‘s entire conference was flooded with fast paced Internet access and the YY of a group of Internet users who had never ridden. But the bike is really not a simple capital game, is the need to really love driving, quietly make a user favorite products. Most importantly, cycling carries a culture, which is why the beast ride is always in awe of the product development process.

I like riding quietly, listening to the friction between the tire and the ground, controlling my breathing, and feeling the constant pleasure of the physical overdraft. Every long-distance ride is a spiritual catharsis, so that I understand myself better, more understanding of life. Look at the mountains over, enjoy the beauty of a period of riding, more peace of mind and satisfaction, which is a different feeling in a hurry world.


looked at a picture of cool photos and concept, I want to ask a bicycle as a product manager, "your heart riding a car?" if the city is recreational vehicles, why add such a complex of cool features and exaggerated shapes, buy vegetables aunt really care about heart rate variety cadence data? If it is a sport bike, why choose a bicycle in the low-end production focused around 400 yuan

yesterday afternoon, learned that music as sports released a "juvenile energy bike."". No accident, because already heard. As a matter of fact, when I decided to take the time to start the business, I set two "general" for the team: "we firmly support all those who promote cycling, and all riding enthusiasts are our friends.". However, when I understand the specific content of the music conference, I really angry.


bike culture – deep dialogue between body and soul

respected stationmaster:

music, please do not use the Internet to think of flirting with bicycle culture,


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