Want to start from the media Think about these five questions first

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introduction: since the media to do business, not to open a public number. You have to figure out what your opinion is, do you have a sharp point of view?… I don’t know five questions, do also.

has a friend made a special trip from Shandong to Wuhan and I discussed about internet marketing topic today, we talked about how many on the Internet to find customers and customers and how to operate the project topic, which we talked about a very interesting topic, is the latest from the media related content, we had a very intense discussion in the process, in the course of the discussion, we obtain a consistent view, so today I will tell you to talk about this topic, how to carry out the enterprise from the media and how to carry out the WeChat public account operations.

I believe that through today’s share, will be able to help you operate well above the Internet from the media and WeChat public account.

you know, on the Internet many enterprises have encountered problems, with the arrival of the era of mobile Internet traffic, very many PC end enterprise business process in the operation of the Internet in decline, and the quality of the flow is getting worse, with the rise of micro business, micro business fast in the first half of 2015, but to the the second half of the micro business is very difficult, because the method is very simple, there are good products in the promotion process, also have bad products, constantly push, a lot of customers in time to see these ads information will selectively skip, so the market will encounter many problems.

Since the media can solve

two problems, the first is able to find the target customers through the dissemination of information from the media, second to solve an important problem, that is "trust", in the mobile Internet era, trust is the priority among priorities of the problem to solve, we finally put forward, if the enterprise in accordance with the following 5 methods to operate from the media or the public number, then you from the media or the public number will operate very well.

most people are running their own public number in the process is to do it, see interesting content, also follow to do, and then find some interesting content to the customer, this method is effective, however, only in the early will be effective, because this method is very simple, to catch the customer push the interesting content, then put the product to push out, this way is very simple, your competitors will certainly see, when you run for two months with good effect, sure your competitors will go to imitate, this way can not be sustained.

so, first, if you want to seriously to operate a media or public number, we first need to solve is that in the course of business you want to make a very clear proposition, what is that? Regardless of your video and audio from the media or the public number, you you should put forward, since the media can help you solve the problem of target customers what? That makes sense.

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