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in addition, now in the shlf1314 input box, write 5217, will automatically jump out of 52173130000 results. There are also clients who have been searching for domain names. Ha-ha。 Do station also want to do brand ah.

1. sell link


shlf1314 Adsense tried for 2 days, the effect is still good, of course, there are many things to ponder and try. Later, some experience, and then write some experience bar.

5. sells advertising bits

zhuaxia blog alliance and Feedsky alliance. The so-called marketing advertising, that is, let you write an article, advertisers to sell things to comment, such as a dress, a mobile phone, a car and so on. You can write it your own way that is, it’s good and it’s bad and, of course, advertisers want you to write more positive. The price of marketing advertising is generally determined by advertisers before release, depending on the amount of blogs you browse, the amount of RSS subscriptions, and the shlf1314, PR, and so forth.

history is highest, PV 7143 2008-02-15

2. click ad

, such as shlf1314, Adsense and sh419 alliance. Many blogs have search services, using their own forum program search, the server resources are not used, search matching is not as high as professional search engines. Using the search services provided by these search engines, you can also earn a certain amount of money for those who work in search. Search alliance advertising requirements, is sacrificing your blog must be "sovereignty", when entering the search page, usually enter the shlf1314 or sh419 page. Search League advertising revenue is clicked on the search page and charged by search times.

this requires a certain amount of traffic on your site. Advertising locations are typically placed in a prominent position near the blog post. If your blog is bigger, naturally someone will contact you to buy your ad position. This kind of ad is usually charged per month / year.

recently I have good news, finally through the shlf1314 Adsense, can advertising shlf1314! 2 times before the application has passed, as a recent review is relatively strict, after a period, I took advantage of the 214 Valentine’s day and for once, actually was passed to a recent website does well, traffic has been growing steadily, Alexa rankings have steadily increased, and may the holidays approval people happy, ha ha.

, such as shlf1314 Adsense and Ali mom. Click advertising money is not good, the advertising chamber of Commerce will do everything possible to skimp on your hits, not to mention the small advertising alliance to do so, even the shlf1314 is no better. But shlf1314’s approach is even better. Your account is a bit out of the question and all your money will go up in smoke. This kind of advertising is suitable for some of the larger traffic blog, of course, if you need a variety of advertising collocation, and add a little extra income, then put this kind of advertising is good. Click ads are generally charged by clicking.

in Text-link-ads this website to sell your link is a good choice, you only need to download a blog link, when someone buys you a link plugin to link display. The sale link advertising revenue is relatively stable, but slightly higher, generally have higher shlf1314 PR and Alexa ranking people have to buy, and advertising placement generally does not matter, because advertisers as long as your PR is enough, do not really want this to get traffic from you. Therefore, in the early days of blog construction, we should find some PR websites to exchange links appropriately.

traffic was still high yesterday. Data from cnzz

, following the 1000IP in February 4th, was among the 2000IP stations yesterday, with traffic coming mainly from sh419. sh419 is to help users demand, find the realization of the site, my site is to realize the user’s needs. How to better meet the needs of users, how to let users need to find you, that is, 2 topics, and constantly deal with these 2 issues, traffic will naturally increase

3. marketing advertising

4. search union

Ali Mama advertising, I have been trying, specific can see several recent blog I, including the purchase of advertising, advertising, Amoy, change the content of the advertisement and so on, generally speaking, the function is very convenient, for website owners, especially through the Alipay settlement, very convenient. Ali mom for traffic statistics is also good, through Ali mother this platform, everyone’s traffic are more transparent put Ali mother’s station. Regret, the price is low, in addition, can click billing rules is not very clear, I also consulted the mom in customer service, but for approval by the "click billing" condition or refused to disclose, in addition to some webmaster can click on the billing revealed that Ali mother advertising, compared to shlf1314 there are still gaps, but this is normal, mom was born soon, need to improve and improve slowly, think mom was very promising.

yesterday was 15, Ali’s mother’s pay day, since January 27, 2008 to apply for Ali’s mother’s advertising after the first payday, issued in January revenue, 5 days after tax income 2.02 yuan. The money can eat Soybean Milk + Deep-Fried Dough Sticks pie in the summer of last year, there are surplus for half a year, these early price 2 times, so to eat dry, ha ha.

history is highest, IP 2039 2008-02-15

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