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recommended here is Taobao’s marketing website: Taobao ALI mom. As Asia’s largest network of retail shopping district, taobao – network marketing platform launched, has been gradually integrated into people’s lives, any Internet users can help sell Taobao dispensers, earn commissions. If you don’t know of a mother Ali, a Taobao, you can’t help falling behind. It would be a shame if you had a good blog or website and didn’t earn money through Taobao.

income: This is < < > >

so how do I do that? Let me talk about some clumsy but effective ways to do it.

1, the domain name and station name: my name is the original Chinese webmaster website, my station name is China webmaster Wangzhuan forum, www.cnzzwz to the domain name, so at this point a location. The more important point is that I will "Wangzhuan forum" as the core of the website, and trying to find relevant Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, and software, Wangzhuan method, the full range of friends, came to the site of VIP service.

first, the location of the site.

if you join Taobao, the original site or blog does not need to be modified, just need to join Taobao’s product link slightly. If a customer buys a product, you can get a commission, and you’ll have to pay for it at 15 a month,

Localization of The !

3, location of fees and services. My location for the whole network minimum charge, service best Wangzhuan forum. Because it is the debut of the forum, and to each big Wangzhuan Forum such as network, golden whirlwind, for the autumn, etc. as a charge for thousands of years, it is not realistic. So, at the beginning of my charge positioning is very low, originally 8.8 yuan, lifelong VIP, 5 days later, I get a dollar a day, and then rose to 16.8 yuan, I pause. At this point I location for the annual membership of 8.8 yuan, a life member of 16.8 yuan, it can be said that this is the charge for a minimum of VIP forum. Although the price is low, but I stick to the price is not low, updated every day, do some others I have, VIP content website forum is also very full, even more than the famous forum tutorial project is more abundant, so buy China webmaster Wangzhuan forum VIP members find value. In >

blog can make money? Many users will ask, in fact, now online project can make money is many, as long as you have a blog or website traffic, visitors are generally able to earn money. Of course, the greater the flow of money more.

some people wonder how the customer will buy it through my link. Don’t worry about it. As long as the traffic is large and you have joined Taobao’s "special cooperation website", the customer will trust you. Website or blog sticky, that is, there are loyal users, income is still considerable.


2, the service object: I will Wangzhuan forum as two class. One is the free Wangzhuan plate, the other is charging VIP Wangzhuan plate. Free Wangzhuan special plate reproduced some readable articles and Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial. Charge VIP Wangzhuan plate was mainly the collection network each big Wangzhuan forum core VIP Wangzhuan tutorial, VIP members can then the least money to get the best Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial and.

promotion form: URL and text chain, graphics and text, search box and theme promotion, form diversification and liberalization, you can promote a single commodity, you can also promote the whole shop, as you need.

blog: to promote shopping based With other topics as the main Website: C265 mobile phone resources Daquan

Localization of


if your website or blog is the female aspect, you can add some women’s clothing, skin care products or shops; if your website or blog is a baby, can if milk powder, baby clothes and so on, cleverly joined Taobao passenger link, there will be income.

Commission is not the same, from 1.5% to 50%, for example, you recommend a dress commission ratio is 50%, a single price is 100 yuan, then you can get a commission of 50 yuan!

, there are not many people in the world who can’t get along with money. It’s easy to get a few hundred dollars a month. It can do a lot of things. Now do Taobao customers, every month to get more than 10000 yuan. In the next one or two years, Taobao is expected to exceed 100 million, at least will provide 100 thousand direct employment opportunities for domestic, will become the largest online professional crowd

I am China www.cnzzwz webmaster webmaster Wangzhuan forum. To tell you the truth, I bought this domain name from the A5 forum a year ago, when it was a webmaster website. Because do not know how to operate, management, so has not been profitable, the site is not a little angry, as time passes, abandon the ignore. I believe that many grassroots webmaster, like me, have the same feeling. Until a month ago, I am looking for someone to help me take this now Wangzhuan forum. For a month, I have been constantly groping, continuous efforts, and finally out of the quagmire, and now has earned more than 100 yuan per day. The following is my May 5th turnover income screenshot: a total of 9 single transaction, every 16.8 yuan, not other sales, everyone will calculate how much income today.

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