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in the early spring start team, CTO for the Internet origin, Ceng Baiyi served in NetEase Youdao, COO Lee brilliant business origin, former Hongkong gamma Group China general manager. Aware of the lack of support for the medical background, Zhang Rui began to seek out new team members, and quickly found Dr. Lu, who was a cardiovascular physician at Concord hospital. The doctor turned Lu Jie is interested in Internet and mobile Internet, and the core members of it. In April 2012, Lu Jie announced that he would join the spring rain as chief medical officer on micro-blog.

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spring pocket doctor client for symptoms of self-examination and consult a doctor two modules, symptoms of self-examination is established through rules that help users find relevant diagnosis knowledge from the original database, consult a doctor is the doctor and patient through online interaction, provide medical advice to the user. Spring has saved time and cost for users seeking medical and health advice, and it also allows doctors to get more income after work. Random results show that one comes from >



positioning "light interrogation"

Zhang Rui, spring rain world referred to as "spring rain" founder and CEO; former director of the press center of the JINGWAH times, former NetEase deputy editor in chief.



C. once found a member cheating, then cancel the member website in the project promotion qualification, and stop the site in the month of money, and at the same time will give detailed judgment cheating reason.

"unwell, asking for spring rain."." Spring rain is the current location of light interrogation, compared to the next line of interrogation, light interrogation meets the requirements of fast-paced life. Zhang Rui cites data from a report by the Chinese Medical Association, where only 4.8% of people in the city are admitted to hospital when their bodies are unwell. "How about the rest of the 95.2%?" "this kind of demand is our need for light interrogation.". We define the requirements for light interrogation as "no need to go to the hospital" and you may get the knowledge and the need for executive opinion."

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what are we going to do after we come out? Some don’t want to do it, and some don’t do it." After some deliberation, he aimed at the field of mobile health.

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"mobile Internet" is the best opportunity in ten years, no later than late, so I think it must come out." With a belief, Zhang Rui left the NetEase in 2011.

B. registered user IP cannot be duplicated. If the registered user of the same site has duplicate IP within two weeks, it is considered a valid user only.

is not our diagnosis Difficult miscellaneous diseases services, timely and accurate FAQ is our service key. Most of these problems can be answered quickly by doctors at the top three hospitals." The pain medicine is often divided into 10 levels, the spring to help patients with light interrogation behavior of 1 to level 6, and for the spring is recommended Difficult miscellaneous diseases diagnosis, the user went to the hospital to check, accelerate more effective line of communication.

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Zhang Rui’s father, a doctor who lived with his father, often saw him help relatives and friends through phone calls to diagnose and guide a simple illness. Zhang Rui realized that the interrogation of this long-standing market demand has not been met, the popularity of smart phones bring new technology to meet the old needs.

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