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2, self recommendation contact stage

              this is the choice of advertising on the adjustment, then tracking advertising, before I am stupid, in the best GG in the pipeline only produced a pipeline to the web site as a name, and then all the advertising code to choose this pipeline to track the results. It has been unclear whether the advertising is clicked on a forum which position, this time I carefully distinguish each ad position, with advertising position to add and manage new pipelines, such as the "728*90 forum post top advertising", "728*90 forum posts at the bottom of the ad, 336*280 post ads to the right", in advertising position as the name of the pipe, it is good to know each marked by clicking the ads pipeline position, which position is more than the number of clicks, which ads are clicked on the high price of an order Know how stupid you are, and focus on advertising where you want to click high prices for those

brothers junior year, freshman, sophomore summer was spent at many part-time jobs in the holiday, feel very substantial, every two months of vacation time, always have an income of one thousand or two thousand yuan, very happy. Be a bit of experience, I will send out to share with you, can help summer students looking for part-time students, less detours, and earn more money:

1, analysis, stage, stage,


some students with no experience, nor do the investigation and analysis, just in line to see the piece of information to apply for, or is often not successful, or being cheated, so the analysis is very important. The so-called "modaobuwukanchaigong", trying to find a good job, relaxed high income, the comparative analysis of course not. Shopping is even better than three, let alone work,

is now the information age, and it’s natural to find part-time information on the internet. The network is like the vast sea, what kind of posts have, and many people tend to lose their way. Today, brother, you may as well direct the way to everyone. Looking for part-time jobs on the Internet, first of all, to find a reliable, trustworthy, large part-time web site, the kind of intermediary to open a small web site, do not go. I was in Shanghai, I usually find only part-time boarding at now renamed the people network, as and Shanghai part-time nets  . These two can be said to be an authoritative website for part-time information in Shanghai. At least I feel pretty good about it. Look for information is not only convenient, and the efficiency is very high, the most critical is that the two is all free website, unlike some small information website, did not find it, let you first pay, the wrong.

I studied graphic design, so I usually like to do some design work. You can work at home with air conditioning, and you can make money. It’s good. But occasionally do typing, ah, what sales promotion, and many experience it. After the site is clear, you can find the right information on it, and then call or contact the online recruitment companies to see what specific requirements they have. Here, we should pay attention to, self recommendation, but also self recommendation of knowledge, according to the characteristics of this part-time job, targeted to introduce themselves. For example, when I saw a promotion job on a part time network in Shanghai, I’d like to call to introduce myself

  GG N advertising for a long time, but just follow suit, see everyone put GG ads, he also follow to apply for a GG account, a long time and did not care about him, occasionally to see the account is always increased about 0.01+, a few days ago but no chat. Suddenly think of it to your GG account management, climb attentively read the content on the GG, and then the control instructions for a lot of modifications, results in a few days later found the GG price and income on how, to adjust my ideas come and share with you now.

summer vacation, of course, is very happy, can play everywhere, you can play games, but many students are like me, love the summer when looking for a part-time job to do in the summer vacation, one can earn money, increase income, on the other hand can also add a little social experience, prepare for the future, stepped into the society after all, with great differences in school society, a little early to adapt to the society, is always good.

        I only use GG "AdSense content advertising", selected advertising code only three, or text, or pure pictures, of course, the text found in the connection, read the content on the GG, is not to say that the more GG page on the better, but is more as little as possible this statement has been tested again later, and as far as possible, do not put all the GG projects are put up AdSense content advertising, shlf1314 search alliance, AdSense Feeds and for AdSense search advertising, AdSense mobile advertising, it is only the one or two best results, such as my Chinese watch the enterprise community forums, text link ads in the home section each put 3 pictures of 728*90 ads and 3 200*200, placed above a post 728*90 text ads in the post post content of the page, Right put a picture of 336*280 ads, text ads put posts under a 728*90, a total of 3 ad, put a 200*200 in the two floor of the post text chain, in addition to other GG advertising project is not a plus, only 4 choose to display the text chain.


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