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3. let soft Wen fly for a while,

1. commodity reviews to Taobao customers

, however, Sequoia Capital is showing its achievements, >

in 1968, when Glass · Leone Doug Leone came to New York, Mount Vernon, the 11 year old Italy immigrants feel lost. He failed in a math test at school because the two words, "True" and "False" false, confused him.

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ambition, weakness, excuse. Many successful immigrants resist these feelings in the process of being successful. They hide their humble origins and try their best to integrate into American high society. But Leone isn’t like that.

from the Sears department store Sears bought very inappropriate casual pants, all the classmates laugh. After school, he watched McHale Mike s Navy on black and white television, hoping to learn spoken English so as to fit into the local community.

The most direct source of evaluation for

CPS site in foreign countries has used the method of product reviews by heart, basically is CPS through the construction of this kind of website. These successful cases let us pay more attention to customer marketing psychology, grasp the most critical purchasing factors in order to improve the conversion rate of our Taobao customers. You can simply will want to see lots of successful cases in the Taobao customer forums, some Taobao customer Forum promotion, a post in the forwarding reached tens of thousands of renren, and post title mostly commentary and comparison about popular goods.

venture capitalists encounter difficulties in the enterprise is too demanding, when progress is too hasty to cash out, but Sequoia Capital act in a diametrically opposite way, perhaps it is because entrepreneurs sought.


is the store evaluation of Taobao products. The online shopping habits of people will have a Taobao account, Alipay is often used to buy things. Commodity evaluation is very important information, we can combine evaluation and commodity introduction to write soft text. In addition, there are many businesses ready for the Taobao material, and they used to modify into several different articles on the line. For example, cosmetics, acne businesses specifically not say, the previous practice is similar, they will provide the benefits of acne products and precautions, and then list the comments for Taobao customers. When you write reviews, take some discount information, such as contact XX, you can enjoy thirty percent off discount, plus and want, so that customers can contact you more direct communication, so as to promote products.


walks into the simple office of Sequoia Capital, located on the dune Road the center of the street, the center of Silicon Valley, to see what happens to some hungry perfectionists like Leone. Let’s start at the door. There are 98 framed copies of corporate finance documents hanging there. Among them, the big name companies from 1980 listed apple Apple began, including Oracle Oracle, CISCO Cisco, YAHOO Yahoo, shlf1314 shlf1314 and LinkedIn giants.

reviews the soft text of the goods, and unlike SEO rankings that have an immediate effect. Soft Wen to adhere to, a good soft Wen, through the full spread, generally two or three months to continue to force. During this period, we can through "Witkey" and so on, the effect of soft Wen to play the biggest

even if he is expensive for the Sequoia Capital Venture Capital Company Sequoia Capital managing partner, but he still behaves like a humble background, in order to get the first time can take a break opportunity and hard struggle. "A great motivation to keep me moving is fear," he admits."

sees a lot of successful Taobao customers, who do not have the ability to build their own websites, nor are they particularly proficient at seo. However, in the competition of Taobao customers, the company has a large commission income every month. In fact, everyone is very clear psychology, Taobao customers have many ways to promote, skilled in one or two of them, hard to execute will be successful. If you are not a successful Taobao now or are eager to improve your income, try the following ways to improve your conversion rate by means of commodity reviews.

they are the children of Sequoia capital. Since its founding in 1972, Sequoia Capital has invested in many start-up companies, now worth a staggering $1 trillion and 400 billion, equivalent to 22% of the Nasdaq’s total market capitalisation.

Taobao’s role is to promote the products so as to facilitate the purchase of customers. Customers usually go through two stages of understanding and trust before they buy. Most Taobao customers currently do is to let customers understand the product, know what this is to do, what is the brand of this product?. You can find a lot of top rated Taobao guest website, many of them are doing the work, the most important position for the display of goods brand, and not focus on promoting trust, there are hundreds of daily traffic, but only a few to keep every single volume, the conversion rate of less than 1%.

The importance of

2. commodity evaluation source

a few years later, Leone began to find the direction of life. "As a teenager, I had a summer job in the boat, perspiration comes down like raindrops hard." "I can see the children in the country club swimming pool on the other side," Leone recalled. The young boys talked and talked to the girls. I said to myself, ‘I can’t wait to meet you in the business world. "You’ve just made a big mistake, and that’s what made me come in.""

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