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in this configuration, we use the HTML form of this property, made a 250 pixel wide tables, then 234×60 semi banner implantation form, not only solves the problem of column width, as well as advertising and web page layout together.

because the people who use the Internet to decide the future of network form. So we can analyze the commercial lab now and in the future network and website of this to.

Internet is in constant evolution in the use of the network determines the direction of development of the Internet, is to determine what the website has become the mainstream in the future.

we attach great importance to customer feedback. On the basis of collecting and organizing feedback, we will carefully analyze the needs of our customers and try our best to improve our products.

before 2000 when the network started, everyone will not use the network, it is a blank period, these characteristics determine the Sohu such as Sina portal, Tencent such communication tools has become the mainstream, this is the same HAO123 ". Because they fill a gap, it is because one empty, so it’s impossible to imitate their achievements and made them the same.

The third periods of


shlf1314 AdSense offers more than 10 different sizes of advertising formats, but we still receive feedback from some publishers that can provide personalized advertising formats for their web layout.

this paper is aimed at ordinary people because of the normal use of the Internet, so deliberately ignored the gaming industry, because the development of the game industry is very special, must be studied separately.

well, the next step of the network will be what is, what kind of website in the future will become the most profitable website

this is a three column web page, and the content is very compact. So there is not much room for advertising. In addition, left and right three column sizes are 200 pixels, 250 pixels, 210 pixels, AdSense does not provide a corresponding advertising format for his choice.


but at the same time, we also find that some of the client’s formatting requirements can be solved with just a few simple web design techniques. Here’s a case study:

because of the thought and consciousness caused by the change of electronic commerce, the situation will be completely beyond our imagination, the most profitable emerging industries and the future is likely to be divorced from the Internet, the Internet network will become the foundation. So the network business success, must pay attention to the industry, pay attention to thought and consciousness of the people around the change, in order to seize the chance to take off.

through the above case, we can see that advertising configuration optimization is not just optimizing advertising itself. Web page design optimization, how to flexibly use the table, layer and other attributes, so that advertising and web pages better together, equally worthy of thinking and exploration.

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is now second times, because of Internet has changed the nature of the use, we have been familiar with the network, began to use the network to solve their own side of the problem, because the online payment becomes convenience, so search and shopping has become the main stream now. This caused the search engines and shopping network become real support of the Internet economy. Because ordinary people began to pay, the Internet began to be profitable at this time. Use the Internet to make money is also possible.

so, how do you configure ads on this page,

finally, we’ve done the following ad configuration for this page with a simple web design technique:

also is in the future, as the Internet with ordinary people contact more closely, the commercial structure in reality will be affected, the era of e-commerce will come true. People of the region and the sense of space and time will be eliminated, the price collection is one of the two important factors to consider when buying goods residents. During this period, credit website is the most important and most profitable website. Credit website is the network system to display and provide credit guarantee for goods. This web site may be and perhaps must contain physical stores, to deal with various credit problems. Network services may be another thriving industry. They provide residents with consulting and professional credit guarantee service. At this time the Internet has already produced a group of free family, because they benefit from the network, so there is no need to be fixed in a certain city, and can choose to travel freely.

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