Why would Wangjing and Jiuxianqiao be the next world class Silicon ValleyHow graduated three month

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so, what is the reason for the Wangjing and Jiuxianqiao hot? Why Internet Co get together here? There are also entrepreneurs here what benefits? I interviewed by several entrepreneurs, investors, media and local residents in Wangjing, the following several points of view, for reference.

more than 10 years ago, for the people of Beijing, the big Wangjing is the suburbs, even if it is close to Wangjing metro, but also can not wipe out the brand of urban and rural junction.


this article really doesn’t know how to write it down. Our pen is really bad. And my memory is so bad, it’s quite difficult for me to write my memoirs. Let’s see. In an article on the "three months of graduation, how I was a monthly income of million a" mentioned in the l-carnitine. Carnitine is a fire, because a man called Dr. wood in Hunan TV’s Encyclopedia in advertising. It’s a slimming product. Everyone knows that slimming products are huge profits. I can be the monthly income of 10000 yuan, because the new one l-carnitine. At the time, my master, when I told me, was in April. At that time, L-carnitine competition is not very intense. L-carnitine meets the requirements: wide demand, high profits, small competition products. If you find such a product, as I like to operate, you can have a monthly income of million.

"now there are more and more incubators in Wangjing and Jiuxianqiao, and investors are moving to Wangjing. The next wave of stars will look at Wangjing," said one investor friend. Indeed, with the future of entrepreneurs, investors and well-known Internet Co increasingly moving to Wangjing, here will undoubtedly become the next world class Silicon Valley.

since then, with the gradual expansion of Wangjing’s population and property, Wangjing has gradually formed its own business district. Especially with the development of Wangjing industrial parks,

really doesn’t want to remember too much. No one likes to watch it. Just put it straight. Using blog as a single product stand, is nothing more than to solve two problems, the article and the chain.

"the first time I visited Wangjing was in 2000, and I went to the house to look for a house. I felt it was a suburb, and there was nothing, so the rent was cheap." Ms. Liu, who has lived in Wangjing for more than ten years, recalls. It is understood that the Wangjing residential area is the prototype of the last century in 90s began construction of flower home area, because it was built on a piece of pepper land named.

‘s single product stand.

but although Wangjing is what we call "sleeping city", it is also Beijing’s largest Korean colony. According to the Beijing Morning News reported, "in 1997 after the Asian financial crisis, won suffered a large devaluation, more and more Koreans choose to cost of living, labor costs are relatively lower Chinese entrepreneurship and life. As the distance from the capital airport, prices are relatively cheap, and some Korea Companies for the Korean staff prepared for the hostel here, "Pepper land" built on the Wangjing has gradually become the Korean town."

An article on

L is an old friend of mine and a very good idea. A year ago, he resigned from the Qihoo 360 business, and I have just come back from UC business. Although it’s all about starting a business, we’re completely different – I want to be a App and he wants to open a PR company. A year later, I failed in business and returned to UC, where his team expanded. Today, leaving Zhongguancun pioneering street, and moved to Jiuxianqiao, and former boss neighborhood.

single product stand outside chain article

of course, this is a digression. But, let me very surprise, now more and more entrepreneurs begin to move to Wangjing and Jiuxianqiao, at least a year after year, including the L students, I have at least 10 entrepreneurs to move to Wangjing or Jiuxianqiao.

chain estimation is difficult to obtain a lot of new guest. Amoy is the Internet’s new, just no friends. It’s hard to have a good link. That’s what I did. First of all, you can do is in the major webmaster class links issued links information. Leave a link to someone else’s blog. Forum signature. And there’s the tool that I’ve been using regularly. I basically don’t do links. Because that’s >

original article on the importance of SEO, we must all know. So how do I make articles?. I’m not not so much said Dr. wood L-carnitine scientific papers. Actually, all I do is bring it. In Taobao search L-carnitine, you will find many sellers are selling l-carnitine. The seller’s baby description is the copy of the object. If you have been carefully processed, the effect is very good. Or is it a blog search?. I’m a regular copy of space. There is a blog search function is very easy to use, can search out the day of release Bowen, some even can directly search released within 1 hours of the blog article, you get the sh419 search, the 90% are not included, so we released the first time to his own blog, sh419 will be as the original collection. Arguably, these two methods have all been used. If it’s not enough. Translate articles with gg.

"we’re moving to Jiuxianqiao next week, but I think I’ll be back in a year."." Weekend, the old schoolmate L asked me to come out to chat, sighed.

one, Wangjing’s continuous evolution,

at that time I did L-carnitine, using the emlog blog system. It’s estimated that many people don’t know about the blog system. This is the first time I’ve been using this system. I don’t even know how many people HTML has written. Using my unfamiliar procedures led me to lose a lot later. Because there are some problems with the system, there are a lot of dead links on the site. That led to my blog being dropped by sh419.

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