AP closed on the occasion of Amoy future exploration and forecastStart-up companies in Taobao sell

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3, user group refinement: specializes in a certain crowd. This is also the potential for development, but we only have eyes in popular categories, so ignore many profit seeking points. I hope you will do a lot of analysis and study and get out of your own

type category refinement: designed to do a kind of commodity, this is also a good. Some guest friends look at women with a high rate of Commission Act, women’s health care push today; tomorrow High Commission, with care. So, where is the light of day. Pick the right category to do, is also in the future can seize the user in one direction.

"is legally allowed to generation, this is no problem, but should be in accordance with the" Regulations on limited liability company law ", the United States on behalf of the holders of the company through micro means in order to circumvent the provisions, this in itself is not in line with the provisions of the." Beijing Pacific Century law firm Zang Xiaoli think, for investors is also a great risk, the company’s shareholders are registered in the business sector, if adopted

site features simple: some guest station, what are the promotion, plus a post, plus a forum, and finally what added, plus a rebate.

two times

1, comprehensive refinement: This is a refinement of the direction, simply features the taobao organize themselves into various clearly module parallel operation, using the concept of flow into First impressions are strongest. This kind of refinement, personal feeling is difficult, easy to make, as mentioned above, what all the chaos.

– effect whether the violation of controversial

this homepage introduces, the company is founded, the intention that initiate is to build the cross media sale platform of TV, magazine and network.


above is the theme of this post, now separate instructions. The two cannot be separated from the Tao heart.

this new type of financing, causing hot net friend, some people questioned its legitimacy. For public questioning, Zhu Jiang said, the company law firms are making two contract agreement "agreement" and "hold" investment certificate, all the people will sign an agreement to buy shares and individual shares by the company, the company’s only legal person on behalf of the holders, so as not to shareholders than does not violate the provisions of limited liability company 50, the company currently has 5 shareholders. If this fund-raising risk caused by non-compliance, the company is willing to repurchase shares of shares at a premium.


raised 1 million 200 thousand

Zhu Jiang introduced, at that time mainly because the company raised funds problems, and he thought a lot of ways, still no solution, just think of this method. However, the company will not make third more acquisitions thereafter. Zhu Jiang said on its micro-blog, I hope these two fund-raising disputes, as a financing channel for SMEs to try, can bring new ideas for domestic entrepreneurs.

what is refinement,

this is not Taobao customers began in Amoy is on track, you want to be easier said than done. Please make a practical simple guest station, rather than professional looking flashy without substance of a pillow with an embroidered case.


what is simplicity,

recently, the United States and Beijing micro media company hereinafter referred to as "the United States micro" in Taobao sales of the original shares of the company caused widespread concern. The company’s online store name in Taobao is "American micro membership card online direct store", and its products are "micro media document registration form" membership card". Zhu Jiang, head of the company, said that buying a membership card from an online store was buying the company’s original stock. Unit certificate is RMB 1.20 yuan, lowest subscribe 100 units. That is, only 120 yuan, the next single, you can become the original shareholder of the United States held 100 shares of micro.

answer: the page is simple, the structure of the website is simple, and the function of the website is simple.

mom in November will be the end of the month to close the API TOP API, I want to master whether novice or in considering the promotion mode of the next step, and my opinion is: the future of Taobao customers, more simple and more refined. And my new station, Taobao winter clothing is to follow the two principles. This sentence is mainly on two points, one is simple, and the two is refinement. I do now to Amoy a few months, summed up an increase in the conversion rate of Amoy Heart Sutra: with the least click the user as soon as possible to the taobao. This is kingly way.

– Taobao online selling equity


news reporter Zhou Xu "anyone who spends 120 yuan will be able to buy 100 shares and become shareholders of the company."." Recently, a start-up company opened an online shop in Taobao to sell its original stock, which attracted public attention. This new style of financing has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

2, the site structure is simple: the structure of the site is simple, to see a place is enough, that is navigation bar. Can the branch of the navigation bar make up your home page, or can it form a whole content?. Or, more succinctly, can you foil the theme of your website?. Do not go on a navigation bar, the left side of the navigation, there is nothing, that is chaos, can not be called all.

February 3rd, Zhu Jiang in the micro-blog revealed that as of the day at 12 noon, a total of 1191 members to buy U.S. micro equity subscription for a total of 680 thousand shares, the total amount of RMB 816 thousand, plus after a private network actual subscription amount of 387 thousand and 700, a total of two times to raise 1 million 203 thousand and 700 yuan.

1, the page is simple: the page is simple, that is, the simplicity of module placement. It is best to use the horizontal layout, one by one, clear. Left a piece of the tone can not guarantee the fusion, but let people feel the site was black and blue.

answer: comprehensive refinement, category refinement, the user group refinement.


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