A film down a new board company over the past year the highest drop 93%

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made a movie, the market value was as high as 900 million yuan and Hong insolvent.


is more terrible, because the highest level two market shares fell more than 93%, the major shareholder of the company in financing continue to cover short P2P platform, the major shareholders of all shareholders have pledge is completed, and in the open edge.

although reading is not willing to believe, but had to admit that the spring and autumn is likely to become Hong Sheng Yang second. Such cases in the new board will be more and more, it is not surprising that this is the real business world.

but in the past few years of film and television investment boom, investment project Studio Entertainment, investors need to pay attention to the bubble, always in the past, a feather not too far.

It’s time for

to reflect.

1, a film down a company

In fact,

alone on the film, read the king is quite fond of the company of the spring and autumn. ESA agency issued the "Twilight 4: Dawn (on)" and "Twilight 4: Dawn (down)", read more love in Hong Jun; investment in "the piano", although the box office bleak, values may not be wise, but in recent years really belongs to low cost movie looks good the.

in spite of this, in the evening of April 6th before the annual report released, the market has long been aware of how bad the performance of the company. All because of "Dynasty woman · Yang Guifei" this movie.

when it comes to the movie, you may not have much impact, but if you say "Fan Bingbing," you must know. Yeah, that’s what you’re familiar with.


in the listing of three new board, the spring and autumn of 2013 revenue of 169 million yuan, net profit of $14 million 977 thousand and 800, the company does not want to simply satisfied with this, of course, want to expand the project. Then, in September 2013, ESA invited Fan Bingbing, dawn "shooting Dynasty woman · Yang Guifei". In order to shoot the film, the company also set up a holding company in Beijing spring Hengtai Culture Communication Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the spring and Autumn Period Hengtai).

"Dynasty woman · Yang" a total investment of 125 million yuan, Harukaaki Kotai invested 65 million 500 thousand, after the release of the film can be obtained in accordance with the return spring Hengtai total revenue 50.84%. Soon, it is in the first half of 2014, a good movie, but the post production cycle extended and schedule changes, until July 30, 2015 was officially released.

however, the two levels of market price is not down, the share price from 51 yuan to 23.2 yuan soared in early 2015 to July 3rd, the market value has soared from 410 million to 900 million.

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