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ICBC "foster financial leasing industry growth"

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Li Keqiang said that the financial leasing industry in our country is the new heights. He said that the financial leasing industry is for the real economy services, the state should nurture the industry to grow and develop. He encouraged enterprises to break out of their new world, and at the same time to drive and support Chinese enterprises to go out, as the first to eat crabs, eat "emperor crab", but also be able to control the "emperor crab" travel around the world.

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in the Pioneering Center cafe, everyone cheered and surrounded the prime minister. Li Keqiang said, entrepreneurial platform exudes coffee aroma, so that entrepreneurial ideas, innovative ideas free to soar, so that entrepreneurship, innovation, life, trinity". Some people work for their lives, some people live for work, and you work and life together, I believe you will be able to create a new era.

27, Li Keqiang to Tianjin inspection, he has come to Binhai New Area, camp gate industry and commerce, and Hongqiao District inspection. In the Binhai New Area, he encouraged young entrepreneurs, Bill, ·, Gates and Jobs started from a small company.

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yesterday, Ling yingtege chip Tianjin Company CEO peak recalled that last weekend, he received a notice to the central leadership will have to visit the company.


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at 8 a.m., when he and other 10 high-tech enterprises in the Binhai New Area, waiting for the coffee shop in the entrepreneurial theme center, they know that the prime minister is coming to Li Keqiang.

"do you have any difficulties?" Li Keqiang asked, and the young entrepreneurs around were making suggestions. Li Keqiang said that all issues involving government level can be studied and adjusted, and the government will give you entrepreneurship to increase nutrition".

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peak said that around 11 a.m., Li Keqiang and accompanying personnel arrived at the activities center, first with the coffee shop next to the open office area of young entrepreneurs who exchange. "These young people are less than 30 years old," Li Keqiang said. "They asked them if they had any difficulties."

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entrepreneurial center, the government will bring nutrition to entrepreneurship

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yesterday morning, in Tianjin Binhai New Area Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Li Keqiang detailed inquiry innovation model, support the development of the real economy, transformation and upgrading and so on. Finance and the real economy complement each other, he said. In order to achieve win-win situation, financial innovation should focus on the real economic needs.


yesterday morning, in the Beijing Tianjin Internet technology entrepreneurship theme activity center, Li Keqiang encourage young entrepreneurs, Bill · Gates and Jobs are from the company started. College students should not only soak laboratories, libraries, but also have entrepreneurial ideas, combine innovation with entrepreneurship, create wealth for themselves, as well as for society and the country.

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