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until the age of 11. The father took Ma Lei to Hefei and passed by a place called "three filial piety". There, he heard a story, "in ancient times, Zhang Mei Zhang Zhu, Zhang Song three brothers wake, suddenly one day your neighbor fire bring disaster to Zhang, the three brothers moved with less, so flutter in the above Leiruyuxia regardless of personal danger. Fire extinguished, three people are dead, but the coffin coffin lossless." Ma Lei deeply touched, they vow to engaged in the funeral industry, promote the culture of filial piety.

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as a combination of the yearning for life and death, and the oldest and obscure customs of the funeral industry, the 100 billion market is chaotic. But the fundamental significance of the funeral where? The 80 boys think, should slowly simplify the funeral and interment, filial piety in the moment: living relatives, how to care and filial piety; dying, thoughts.

it’s not just an entrepreneurial story.

, life and death,

a 11 years old has engaged in the funeral industry 80 boys, 2014 made a funeral industry internet platform: a space network. At the end of March 2015, a space network officially launched beta, using B2B2C+O2O mode, has become the first Chinese life after a one-stop service platform. At the same time, the world’s first 3D printing Urn "released, 100 year plan" the sky clouds "in an empty casket sold online, the price of 11111 yuan.


but the idea was frustrated by the strong opposition of his parents." They think more than 20 years old, character is not qualitative, will be this >

doesn’t know when to start. Big or small websites should hang Taobao products on their own pages. But in recent months, Taobao fired off is many webmaster discarded drifting profusely and disorderly, the work at hand, like a swarm of bees flooded into the mom. Taobao seems to have become an attractive gold mine, so long as it bends down, it can pick up the unexpected harvest. But is that really the case?

wants to come now. Taobao only looks beautiful, but really want to do a beautiful job is not an overnight project. Only if we integrate various resources and persist in popularizing, can we dig out the gold bullion that has been charmed here.

according to some webmaster analysis, if you use SEO to do, then get is pure directional flow, and such flow conversion rate is very high, average every 20IP can clinch a deal. According to popular products every single commission a few yuan to count, even every day only sell one, the monthly income can reach about 1000.

lead: a 11 year old has engaged in the funeral industry 80 boys, 2014 made a funeral industry internet platform: a space network. He hopes to spread filial piety culture, hoping to change many of the funeral industry chaos.

Ma Lei’s father is a doctor and his mother in the clothing business in front of the hospital, will also help others. So Ma Lei came into contact with her from the urine. When he was a child, he felt selling funeral supplies was a "good business" because the only thing the buyer didn’t bargain was even the more expensive the better.

although these data in theory can be achieved, but the actual situation is very bad, the following is the author’s small station today’s data.

, this is an entrepreneurial story.

The hero of the

from this screenshot, you can see that the site traffic basically comes from sh419, it can be said to be purely directional visitors. But I am honest to tell you, this station has been collected from sh419 to now, although every day there are dozens of IP, but a penny did not earn. The reason I also analyzed, began to think that the site is not enough guidance, so made a lot of changes. But in some Adsense exchange after the discovery of many people Taobao guest income is not very optimistic, then I can understand that want to let customers obediently pocket is not as simple as imagined, using Taobao money off can not talk.

story is called Ma Lei.


graduated from college, has been in television, Real Estate Company internships, and even opened a restaurant Ma Lei, has not forgotten his ideal. In 2008, he thought of developing cemeteries, but Cemetery development was a monopoly, and ordinary people simply couldn’t get in. Ma Lei wants to sell the cemetery through the cemetery agency." This industry is very old, very traditional, general hospital is the entrance of the store, there is such a company or agent will to the funeral home, and we buy the cemetery are very blind, I would like to put the cemetery on a platform above to do. I even got my name. Call the three filial piety church".

the author began to study Taobao customers a month ago. Through continuous analysis and study, I found that using SEO as a single product is a good choice. So, after nearly a week of searching, I finally locked in a market – specific product and started writing the plan to do it. Because before some SEO resources, so this station in a month, the main keyword into the sh419 ten. Although the flow came, but the effect is not good.

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