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with digital products into life, almost all of the retail enterprises have seen the digital product market prospects, such as Gome and Dazhong Electric appliance retail stores have to enter the field of large scale digital retail, traditional stores face a severe test. And the emergence of e-commerce, including the United States, the big and medium-sized, including all retail outlets engaged in digital products retail, an unprecedented challenge.

the impact of Electronic Commerce on the traditional stores, basically has spent the first stage in order to attract operators as the main feature, is now in the second stage to attract consumers. In the first stage, due to the low cost of e-commerce website, more and more digital products retailers in the traditional store rental counter at the same time, also opened a network of shops in the electronic commerce website, some even to focus on operations in e-commerce site, completely by means of sales on the internet. Because of the low cost of e-commerce, the products sold by the same dealer in the e-commerce website are lower than the selling price in the traditional stores. The price advantage of website products has been gradually recognized and accepted by the vast numbers of consumers, and the price on the Internet has become an important reference for many consumers. "Consumers take printed soit" to bargain ", has become a dealer from time to time to face many stores in the scene. As a result, the impact of e-commerce on traditional stores has entered the second stage, the important feature of this stage is that e-commerce sites will focus on the end consumer.

in fact, the whole business system can run continuously because of the existence of an equivalence relationship. You sell potatoes, two yuan a pound, I bought it. I think the value of a piece of your five wholesale, you and wholesalers bargain, and transport to the market and so on, you spend labor both physical and mental, so you put the price increased by 50 Fen, total two become. Some foreign websites, above all some people release the task, you do, you make money, that person also makes money, this is equal. If I had a English forum, now is not popular, I find you, let you help me to pull, pull one hair and a stick not less than ten words, I’ll give you a piece of money, you may feel worthwhile, do, you make money, I also the money or reached the end, played a role in essence is to profit. A few days ago to see a foreign website issued a task, bid $10, it is: you must be a girl, you in your face, arms, stomach to write on my website, and then upload to here. If someone does it, it means that the equation can be established, the system can run, and if no one does it, it can’t go on because of inequality. In fact, this is the same as the big money lovers, the woman got the money, big money to meet their vanity and desire, this also realized the equivalence. A business system can run as long as it can maintain basic benefits.

but it’s also a lie. You worked hard for months, and the company didn’t pay for it. The >

click on the ads on the Internet to make money? Money? Read the mail to make money? Do a survey to make money? Can say, yes, it is true, however, when money has passed, it is said that the 02, 03, 04 years that is very profitable, good environment. Unfortunately, I have not seen the computer at that time. A few days ago, China Mobile sent a message saying, a few days will do the investigation, will give you a telephone number used to ask questions, answer the questions, you can get 100 yuan bill, in fact, this is the investigation of wangzhuan. Because of today’s society, especially the high commercialization of Western society, all kinds of advertising companies mushroomed, e-commerce is in the ascendant. There is a A website for prosperity own website to buy traffic, so there is a B company website, B Web site to the site of the A A website to advertise them. B how to advertise for people, that is, to give other people money, let others browse the A website, so, A website, B company, and click on advertising Internet users, three parties make money.

said above is the principle of higher. Everyone knows that business practices are driven by interest and that every player can make a profit, and that activity can continue. To some extent, site traffic is money, so to get traffic, click on this survey Wangzhuan Wangzhuan company, Ltd., surfing Wangzhuan companies and the like, also be not at all surprising.

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