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– two is because I am a good at finding problems, and not good equivocate personality leads to the workplace often do not be led by the.

is that right? Yes, neither. Whenever those great entrepreneurs are often disdain to work under the hands of others, it is not suitable for others in the hands of the work.

talented entrepreneurs like them are destined to be on the road to entrepreneurs, because in that world they are only responsible for themselves, and they are responsible for themselves well.

All car

, like Jobs Steve Jobs, has never worked under anyone else, and he probably doesn’t know what it’s like to work. However, his character is not suitable for people working in the white men. His ultimate pursuit of perfection and harmony in the workplace are contradictory.

the Touran began to give to around 140 thousand, when the car ran for three years, five, sixty thousand kilometers of appearance, original landing full 210 thousand. I think he was 13 and 14 are acceptable. But after the test, the second time to quote a price, very low. You think there is a gap, and then ask other stores, but they have some internal "restraint mechanism", after the first newspaper after the price, the second re quote will only be lower than this.

but most people say that "I don’t like to work under someone else" is mostly a form of conceit. Because I didn’t see the sparkle in my opponent’s eyes, I only put my eyes on those less than myself. This in itself is a cognitive blind spot.

he will not solve the efficiency problem of Internet products a questioned the distance to the taxi drops as an example, in Li Jian’s view, early when it is used only to grab a single "in the taxi", with "justice".

that circle is very small, we usually go around, there is a car to come in, basically everyone knows, that kind of feeling.



, when you leave, it’s the same as before. They’re pulling you. "Look, brother.". "I pull you, pull your arms, always follow you in your side, your side back, he has been with you in the window, you must carefully scrape reversing, afraid of the people, give people a lot of pressure, experience is really bad.


a few years ago, I used to disdain working under someone else and just wanted to start a business.

I went to Linghai in 2010 the old motor vehicle market to sell cars, a Touran, that time more chaos, a bunch of people around you, as long as you enter the area, took you, distribute leaflets, in China, almost all of the primary industry is like this. You go to see a concert, near the venue, people ask you not to sell tickets? Have a ticket you buy? in Linghai you take your car to the open, is a bunch of people around you, bro, sell very eager to give you a quotation?.


even >

founder and CEO Li Jianchang described around colleagues and friends as a very gentle person, but in the near future "Bo Wang Zhi" in an interview with him on some topics and willing to express strong opinions. Communicating with him in some cases, you will find that Li Jian has a strong inner value, and in everything, he can tell you clearly whether or not it has crossed its inner boundary.

really, I’m used to doing every job as my career. The advantage is to be able to devote all the time, and quickly accumulate experience; the disadvantage is that often standing in the boss’s point of view, it is difficult to tolerate enterprises to a "knowingly mountain, tiger bias, Tiger Hill line" direction forward.

I posted it online, and after about two or three weeks, I sold it to an individual buyer in Rizhao, Shandong. The price was 140 thousand and 5. He came by train from Shandong.

, as well as a new generation of invention entrepreneurs, Tesla’s CEO musk Elon Musk is the case. He is famous in the enterprise is not easy to get along with, employees in the mail in grammatical mistakes, and even may be fired, his seriousness of the matter can be seen.

I once thought I was unfit for survival in the workplace, so far. However, I understand that, regardless of the right to speak in your own hands, the key factor in determining your value is still the ability. If an enterprise’s mind can not accommodate more personality, it will be difficult to grow larger, at least this era is so.

he knows about the car itself, and he also checks with me as a car owner. I was working at sh419, and I didn’t have any unhealthy activities, such as micro-blog, sh419 space

Abstract: when you find out that you have been able to do your job easily, you are no longer fit for this position. And when the platform can no longer give you more harvest, you can consider doing something in your own way, that is, entrepreneurship."

first, because he does not like workplace politics, disdain to compete with others for merit;

I told him it was the worst way to go to Sichuan once, and it was a rough ride, but it didn’t hurt the car. When talking about this topic, he said, I know you have been to Sichuan. Because I left the phone, he through a variety of search, see my online diary, recorded in the past that section of Sichuan, so I know I did not lie.

Linghai selling cars remember

often hears voices around me. "I don’t want to work for someone else. I want to start my own business."".

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