How to modify the title to make the website ranking not fall

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The big change should not significantly

is the title of the new direction of navigation of a website, and want their website promotion must be focused on the issue of navigation, such as the above-mentioned website – website production and analysis of research and development of this title, the title of adding new elements, so we are in the process of development in the site must do according to these new elements, such as the Internet can write some future development, network development limit, Shanghai Longfeng situation and so on, we do the purpose is to keep pace with the times, such as the future development of the April 20th earthquake and the Internet are related, the new trend of social network. If your website title is the original content and support hot new content support after modification, can be very clear.

title must be combined with the new title to write the original content of

with three possibilities modify site title brings, I believe that 90% of the webmaster friends hope that their website headlines can quickly improve website rankings, so do to rapidly improve the site’s ranking? The author will talk about the problem with the.

the title of the site, regardless of your site in what state, the site title should follow certain rules, such as your website title may be: Web site – Analysis – site study, so if you feel the current title has not been able to meet with your website development the needs of users, can be modified, and the modification of the best control in 5 characters, for example, can be changed to: research and development of production and the analysis of website, this title not only covers the front of the title and the further development, it is more harm than good to the development of the site, and is this type of search engines need to revise the title, continuous innovation and development is the future direction of the development of the website.

The big change not to be able to modified

title, keywords is the correct behavior of

, a website title should not want to change, especially for personal websites, we do not have a huge search engine connections, you want to make your site search engine won the love, then you must maintain the stability of the site, want to change is the website of the taboo, no matter what is done only to good to be of two minds, is impossible to win the respect of the search engine, the suggestion is to keep at least 6 months or more in small change a site title, to ensure that the site in the search engine position.

title should not be repeated modifications, want to change is the establishment of taboo

to modify the site title is many webmaster will take action, and after a modification of the title of the site there are three possibilities: one is the site’s ranking declined rapidly, even caused the site right down; two is a snapshot of the site did not move, but the rankings in the steady state; the three is the site’s ranking rose rapidly, some website ranking will rise directly to love Shanghai top three.

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