Fu Yuanhui this kind of red in the venture capital perspective which realizable possible

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Fu Yuanhui fire, about her video, articles, expression package everywhere, here is not necessary to do that, within 1 days to become completely "red", which also set a "red" fame speed, logical thinking, Papi sauce at this point is completely not comparable of. With more and more "red" has changed now, the financial capital, the potential even more than the traditional entertainment stars, "red" is no longer synonymous with the awl face, and turn into a commendatory terms.


entrepreneurs themselves if it is net red, will attract the attention of the capital, of course, the premise is the net red entrepreneurs really serious and diligent doing a tricky thing. Fu Yuanhui will become what Dan net red? If you have the opportunity to invest in her (though hope is frail, but can imagine, because you may have other "Red Net") would you like to give how much


before discussing this issue, it is important to write in front of. Maybe a lot of people will feel the influence realized itself is shameful, but don’t forget the long term income and the value created is proportional to, if we can create more value can be more to promote the development of society, and the possibility for individuals will get more returns, if there is no cash will not influence more money to invest in more valuable things, when the influence weakened will no longer continue to create value.

The vase type

and entertainment stars also have powerful, different ways have different fate red net, some red net may now make a lot of money, but the future is likely to go far, different choice of different red net influence realized means there will be another type of value. Fu Yuanhui now has 5 million fans, due to the background of the star’s fans are often very complex, so it is not accurate, according to the impact of the life cycle of the overall likelihood of the realization of the classification level:

1, the primary way to implement – advertise

5 million fans advertise how much can be realized?

there are several real cases: a friend, there are several large subscription number in WeChat, add up to 400 ~ 5 million non precise fans, his 2014 advertising revenue is 14 million in 2015, and soon fell to about 5 million. There are fans value slightly higher vertical class subscription number, a class subscription number each article read about more than 20 thousand, single article advertising can be sold for 100 thousand yuan, if 365 days every day can sell 100 thousand yuan in advertising (of course this is unlikely) annual income is 36 million 500 thousand yuan.

you may think Fu Yuanhui fans quality will be higher, we see it in Yao Ming’s case, Yao Ming heyday in the year after the more than and 10 brand endorsement (Yao Ming also has other cash, here only discuss ad, each part) costs tens of millions of us, just as each cost average >

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