Cai Wensheng from selling makeup powder to the beauties in my life that cannot do without woman.

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15 this month, Mito company officially listed in Hongkong, from the start to the listing, after 30 years of business history of Cai Wensheng, and he has the extraordinary 30 years were reviewed and summarized, and detailed describes the MiTo company business details.

Cai Wensheng once said, out of the ordinary listed meaning beauty map, this is 8 years, from the creation to the market, one of the joys, such as fish and drinking water lengnuanzizhi.

however, this letter of thanks Cai Wensheng, but not on the appreciation dinner read out on the spot, but the letter reveals his entrepreneurial journey.

below is the full text of Cai Wensheng’s letter of thanks:

Cai Wensheng: a letter read out without a letter of thanks — for the MiTo company listed appreciation dinner

dear friends, friends:

today so I am particularly grateful, I was thirty years the road of entrepreneurship many good friends and your people are gathered to you, although there are too many to thank, want to say one by one, thank you for the way you help

, go forward hand in hand!First I want to thank

, is my sworn brother Cai Baozhong. I knew from the precious and the first grade primary school, at the age of 7, we have sworn, at the age of 9, they moved to Hongkong. 1984 Bao Zhong came back to see me, brought back a $20 pants to send me, then a pair of pants 20 dollars is unthinkable. Bao Zhong said he can earn 3000 dollars a month, the first time I know people can earn so much money. You know, at that time, I felt that if I could make so much money, life would be perfect. In 1991, I went to Hongkong for the first time, Bao Zhong took me to eat McDonald’s, then felt, how the world has such a delicious thing". He also taught me to use ATM for the first time, the two of us in front of the ATM machine to take out. The Enlightenment of my concept of money comes from Zhong bao.

I want to thank my cousin Cai Jiongming, he lived next door, is the first venture idol of my life. In 1988, he founded the shitelan brand, then earned tens of millions. He founded the "gold rhino Po", Fujian is the first to CCTV advertising brand, 1998 Fujian became the first company listed in Hongkong, Shimao, Heng than are a few months earlier. Is Chiung Ming let me remember "business", "business" and "Hongkong listed three concepts. My dream was to go beyond him one day.

I want to thank Jiang Yingqian, my classmate in high school. In 1985, we both get home to borrow 500 dollars, with the stall in Shishi Da Lun street. I still remember that time is selling calculators, cameras, cosmetic powder, sometimes one day earn hundred dollars. We make money to buy Marlboro, to know that the young people are buying cigarettes at the root, and the one we bought is a bag. Ying Qian is now the executive vice president of the chamber of Commerce in Xiamen Shishi, he and I together with the successful attempt of the first business of life.

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