The social networking site shivering happy net had to leave

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, a parent company of happy people happy net the final price of 1 billion to the listed company information race for the intelligent message brush burst of information website. Once set up a user growth rate of up to 500% of the brilliant, the introduction of grab parking spaces, stealing food and other games and brush the explosion of the network happy network, in such a way to end its brilliant career in the hands of founder Cheng Binghao.



once the peak moment of social networking sites, happy net had to leave is a reflection of the hardships and difficulties of domestic social networking sites to survive, but the Internet environment is such, only to hear people laugh, not to see the old man cried, unfamiliar street to the United States market, happy net sale price, forced restructuring, WeChat but still crowded yiqijuechen. It is thought-provoking, domestic social networking sites in the end what a battlefield, in the bright behind what is simmering. And happy network and everyone in the end is how the arms race were eliminated in the


1, the weak market, accelerate the decline of

happy network was founded when the valuation of more than $100 million a year. According to reports at the time, 2010, happy net income of 300 million yuan, while beginning to profit, happy network founder Cheng Binghao shouted must be listed slogan. But the fact is that until today, the happy listing of the network did not realize the dream. Happy net founder Cheng Binghao believes that although the market is a double-edged sword, but after the listing can get more resources to expand, and happy net did not rush to market, to market, user activity decline, is suggested to suspend the listing broker.

at that time, the happy network is clearly wrong in this step, and its biggest rival Renren has accelerated listing. For enterprises, the market is indeed able to get more resources, the most important one is the financing channels than non-listed company patency. In other words, it is easier for companies to make money. Now as the transformation of financial services as the, also on the social networking site in the race failed, but less happy net down completely.

in the final analysis, is nothing more than the market can be happy for the road after the network to fight for more time and opportunities, but it is not decided to happy life and death of the problem. Repeated listing fails, and ultimately split VIE structure can only explain that the happy network does not have the ability to market. The amount decreased rapidly from 2010 began to visit the site, from the highest per capita dwell time at 40 minutes down to ten minutes, Google’s global web site TOP1000 rankings, happy net June 2010 global ranking is 107th, and a year later, but fell to 235. Churn serious happy network gradually abandoned by the user No one shows any interest in social networking sites, but also is the investment side baby long, not to say.

2, want to grab traffic in the hands of BAT hard point

in the Internet environment, BAT holds the user traffic close to 90%. Do social fortune happy net, in any case. "

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