Explain the angels, pre seed and seed new round of round of investment financing environment of earl

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Abstract: from the perspective of investment decision-making process, pre seed wheel VC institutions will be much slower than angel investors, entrepreneurs for the target market, business plans will be carefully repeated visits. The size of such institutions is usually small, so the corresponding to the hands of entrepreneurs in the capital is not as good as the traditional early investment institutions.


although the bubble of the emerging market has attracted more and more attention, but in the past few years there are still many investors and institutions among the early investment areas. Once upon a time, the early investment led by angel investors and large venture capital institutions, and now, regardless of the size of the funds or investment model, the financing environment of the early investment has become more diverse, fine differentiation. However, each institution has its own unique thinking of investment, project selection, investment scale, standards have judged their tendency and preference. This paper introduces the different types of investors and institutions, to help entrepreneurs quickly understand the early investment, have a comprehensive understanding of the current financing environment.

personal angel investors: to achieve the start-up business as soon as possible

personal angel investor’s investment is the smallest, the average investment is between $10 thousand to $50 thousand. Some angel investors specialize in early investment, there are some selectively follow angel investment institutions also have not fall, a successful business, from entrepreneurs to investors. In order to quickly complete the financing for the first time, entrepreneurs need to find the most likely to understand the idea of personal identity, angel investors, they may be experts in the relevant market or vertical field, or for entrepreneurs who want to develop a deep understanding of the market.

and personal angel investors meeting process fast, not too formal, some investors and entrepreneurs in the chat one or two times, it may be to write a check. After all, this stage entrepreneurs may not have a minimum viable product (MVP), investors do not have too much due diligence to do. Some investors network is very wide, the entrepreneurs introduced to other investment institutions, the average investment size larger, but in most cases, because the scale of funding constraints, they can not for the next round of follow up or provide too much support strategy. If entrepreneurs in urgent need of a sum of money to make their start-ups as soon as possible to make up individual angel investors is the only choice.

pre seed wheel VC body: strategic layout rear wheel financing

seed wheel VC mechanism is a relatively new investment institutions "class", from the point of view of the target project stage, they are in between angel investment and small VC institutions. With the growing number of small VC organizations looking for more mature projects, pre seed wheel VC institutions to fill this vacancy. Such organizations usually have their own vertical areas of concern, so before you contact them must do their homework to ensure that entrepreneurs in the field of entrepreneurship in line with their investment areas.

from the investment decision-making process, the pre seed wheel VC institutions will be much slower than angel investors, entrepreneurs for the purpose of

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