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I horse: recently very lively one thing: the war hammer, the fear of God as opponents, but stumble pigs as teammates. The founders are usually energy and intelligent people, the most troublesome is the frequently encountered pigs as teammates, we restore the classic "One Minute Manager · build an effective team", mining entrepreneur master secret team in the shortest time.


human beings have been working together since the place, for the successful operation of the organization, the concept of teamwork is more important than ever before. Society and technology are changing at an unprecedented rate. As a result, venture firms are under increasing pressure to adapt quickly to the new situation in order to remain competitive. We can not rely on the promotion of a few top executives in the process of entrepreneurship as a leader in this way. To survive, we must find ways to stimulate creativity and potential at all levels.

all teams are dynamic, complex, and constantly changing ecosystems, as individuals have their own behavior patterns and lifestyles. But all teams, no matter what the goal is, the size or the frequency of the meeting, have to go through the same stages of development.

why do entrepreneurs have to focus on team building, motivating employees and coordinating teams?

Most of the work of

entrepreneurs is not to supervise and cooperate with the staff one by one, but work with the staff in a small group. In fact, the majority of entrepreneurs in the management of less than 30% of the time to personally direct supervision of employees. They spend most of their time in group meetings to discuss how to deal with their employees, partners and supervisors, or outside the organization, such as customers or suppliers. When the effective operation of the team, they can solve more complex problems, make better decisions, release more creativity, and in the cultivation of individual skills and make more contribution to build up the sense of responsibility, this is an individual work incomparable. If the team is not well managed, it can cause damage to productivity. That is why today’s entrepreneurs must motivate and coordinate the team. No one of us is wise enough to match our whole wisdom.

what are the most important differences between different entrepreneurial teams and why some entrepreneurial teams can be particularly successful?

entrepreneurial team team members regularly face to face interaction, members of a relatively stable structure composed by 2~15, and they will be together to achieve a common task, or to solve a common problem. They can be a working unit, a special working group or committee with short-term goals, a sports team or even a social team.

The significant differences between the

entrepreneurial teams are shown in the scale, goals, and personnel composition, however, there is an important difference that is often