A start-up company to create ten million financing scientists Facebook

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according to foreign media reports, the U.S. company called Academia.edu Internet start-ups to LinkedIn and Facebook and other social networking activity into science and technology research field of professional community, the company has completed second rounds of financing, $11 million 100 thousand.

Academia.edu not only want to change the way researchers publish research results, but also help peer evaluation of each other’s work quality. Academia.edu said on Thursday that it was moved by the idea of venture capital firm Khosla Ventures.

Academia.edu said: "our goal is to make every PDF file related to science and technology can be obtained free of charge on the Internet, while the establishment of a network of scientists with those papers." So far, it has published 1 million 600 thousand papers.


release mode of scientific papers is the author of the thesis submitted to a professional magazine, and the magazine looking for other researchers to review this thesis, merit publication. This model has been used for decades, but many researchers believe that this model has drawbacks, because even if want to get the public investment projects of scientific research, they also need to pay the cost of money.

universities usually subscribe to a large number of professional journals, so the School researchers can read to a large number of publications, but for the other research personnel, they must have read the papers every pay. Academia.edu hopes that the process will be faster and more open and transparent.

so how does the company make a profit?


Academia.edu CEO and founder Richard Price (Richard Price)

he said: "we hope that this network of scientists will become a digital infrastructure research work of new, when we put the network built, we have many ways to make a profit, such as providing the latest research and trend of technological innovation or relevant information for pharmaceutical companies, leading scientists can also help universities and research firms looking for specific areas, intermediary fees earned to the headhunting company."

Members of the

Academia.edu network already has 4 million 300 thousand researchers, their monthly upload to the network on the number of papers about 150 thousand copies, and traditional publications published monthly very close to the number of papers. The number of papers published each month is about 160 thousand.

researchers can also read their peers on the web site, using a variety of analytical tools to assess their influence in the field of expertise, so that the network