Modify the code to increase the number of the first video display

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first said my website. Computer knowledge network this site is the main source of traffic flow is the main source of Baidu Baidu computer knowledge and its extension of the long tail word. As for other sometimes due to the high ranking of the flow, those are unstable, not included.

my first video now only on the home page. The original in content pages have been found, but not as Ali mother or Google, removed.

my site should be about 500 home traffic. But the first video shows only about 100. I asked about the first video of customer service, he said it was necessary to show more than 30 seconds to be an effective display. R and then I read the next page of the code (my site is done with Dede), found that almost all of the connections are directly click into the home. This may be the case.

a person through the search "computer knowledge" came to my site, but on the home page to find an article of interest, he immediately click into the. In this way, I did not have to show the end of the home advertising. Thought of here, I will modify the code under the. I added a target=" to all the connections I could see; _blank" yesterday, I found that the show was over 150, and today it was found in more than and 140.

seems to have some effect, huh, huh. Hope this helps everyone.

new station to see Youku, why has not been included?