Taobao needs a qualitative leap

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adhere to seven months, my website revenue last month finally exceeded 1000 yuan, from a monthly income of tens to sudden thousand dollars a month, have to say is a qualitative leap. Taobao customers do need to have a qualitative leap. Like 99° the water, how hard every day, looks like cold water. Once you break through the first time, the income will have a qualitative leap. Here’s a little bit of my experience.

just started to do Taobao guest, I also learn the experience of others, feeling the stones across the river. Every day in Q group post, every day in the forum, NSN website posting replies, every day in Baidu space, Sina micro-blog information. Through these basic methods, my site traffic can be about 100 per day IP. This lasted for three months, although the site can have some sporadic income. But I feel very tired. Boil the water to 99° every day, then second days and then again. Everyone to do so will be very tired, because the site did not change.

on the Internet to learn some of the experience of others, I found that SEO is very important. In the title of the site, the description of place for keyword optimization and also delete all links. Two weeks later, one of my key words really squeezed into the top ten Baidu, was really happy. But happy not a few days, it was found that the key was left behind. I believe many people have such experience. The reason is that although you can not cheat the word Baidu can not deceive the world, the key words up, traffic did not keep up, certainly not long.

conducted a thorough study of the site, I found that the soft web site to help a lot. A good soft Wen, can make the flow of the site quickly, although the visit is not necessarily a customer. But the flow of ascension, the keyword of the website is rising, and bring traffic to the site, it will form a virtuous cycle, accelerated to make your website does not stop, it will be very awesome promotion. This is what I call a qualitative leap. So, a soft Wen Sheng one hundred thousand lions. How to write good soft, pure propaganda of their products in the article A5 this site must not pass. Write something substantial, such as experience, find. So that your article can help others, help Why not??


of course, each site has a different site, not necessarily soft. Can be other methods, micro-blog, marketing software will do, as long as you can make your site into a virtuous circle, a qualitative leap, is a good way. Hope that Taobao customers can adhere to, breakthrough, leap, eat bitter, you are the man!

pulled away, by the way. The promotion of soft Wen can send A5, and then send their own website. This can not only meet the site update included, but also to help others bring traffic. My website has made a lot of promotion methods, mainly to help people inside and outside the station less detours. This is my experience,. Hope that Taobao customers can find the right way, in one fell swoop breakthrough, a qualitative leap.

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