Grassroots Entrepreneurs why entrepreneurship is easy to fail

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China Internet active millions of grassroots entrepreneurs, they all have ideals, giant enterprises compared to the Internet, they are vulnerable groups. They build and operate a variety of products, let the Internet China colorful, but the ultimate success of the grassroots. The industry was in the minority, what is the reason for the grassroots entrepreneurs tend to fail together? The author analyze the reason and you.

creative capital is not difficult to start

a lot of grassroots entrepreneurs have their own unique insights on product, and have some ideas, but we know that you want to make a project or business, you need to first start the project, and the roots of the weakest place is the lack of start-up capital.

The grassroots

lack of start-up capital for two reasons, the first is to grassroots entrepreneurs in the initial start-up period in the state alone, all the things including funds are on their own Qingliqingwei, however one can come up with the funds is limited. The second reason is because the grass-roots entrepreneurs range and the circle is very limited, rarely have the opportunity to contact line of entrepreneurs and investors, which led to the grassroots entrepreneurs and investors is difficult to communicate and to finance start-up capital.

lack of strong practical experience

believes that grassroots entrepreneurs are fighting all the way from the original do not understand what the confused state, in other words almost all grassroots entrepreneurs are starting from zero, every little bit to accumulate experience in the exploration, so grassroots realize things just before they rely on their own efforts had seen something. Compared to once in a big company, served as CEO and other important positions of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in their own during the inauguration of the use of big companies to create conditions for themselves to exercise their own, with the ratio of grassroots entrepreneurs more knowledge and ability, such as marketing strategy and decision making. Grassroots entrepreneurs lack of actual combat experience is an important reason for grassroots entrepreneurs easy to start failure.

control the global capacity of

Grassroots entrepreneurs

many cases are alone, and its products are generally not too large scale, and grassroots entrepreneurs also need to take into account the overall situation, general grassroots entrepreneurs every day the work is not strictly planned before. Therefore, grassroots entrepreneurs in the team to cooperate with each other as well as the long-term development of the product planning ability is relatively lacking, but the quality of these two aspects related to the success of the product. For this lack of grassroots entrepreneurs can go to learn the relevant theoretical knowledge, find some partners can join together to join the team, learn to communicate with the team.

execution is not enough

general alone is flawed grassroots entrepreneurs most deadly, because it will cause the insufficient implementation of the situation. We know a product from strategy