Sina to push blog advertising alliance, will change the history of the internet!

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      Sina to push the blog advertising alliance (, to be honest, in anticipation, but still can not suppress the excitement. Sina’s blog advertising alliance on the confusion in the Web2.0 is a huge boost, blog profit in front of a real Web2.0 good thing.


      personal blog will also be profitable, Sina blog will be the birth of a large group of professional blog, blog will become a career, which is of great significance to the history of the internet. Blog profit will give Web2.0 vitality, a huge grassroots community advertising market will become instant.


      Sina no longer worry less income sources. The promotion of the blog advertising alliance basically do not have to spend anything, but it can be the largest gathering of Chinese blog into a vault, Sina, which does not worry about other people say a single income.


      will subvert the history of advertising alliance. Sina blog alliance in the short term may be more than Baidu to become China’s largest advertising alliance, blog advertising market than search advertising. It can be predicted that Sina blog advertising alliance will become the largest user advertising alliance, history will be changed in the short term.


      Sina may return to the throne by this alliance. Sina is the leader in advertising revenue, but the traffic is not now in the league, and drives the stimulus, bloggers will work hard to write blogs and blog promotion, Sina traffic surge point the day and await for it. (commissioning editor admin01)

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